LEHISLATIVE 2022 – Serge Bies: “I present myself for the love of France”

Legislative elections will be held on June 5 and 19, 2022. Electronic voting – which is permitted for this election – is open from Friday May 27 to Wednesday June 1, 2022 for the 1st round, then from Friday June 10 to Wednesday June 15 for the 2nd round. It is in this context that lepetitjournal.com asks candidates about their program. For fairness, the questions are the same for everyone. In the 5th constituency of French people living abroad (Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Monaco), our series of interviews continues today with Serge Bies, candidate for the National Rally.

Lepetitjournal.com: Why do you want to stand in the next legislative elections?

Serge Biès: For the LOVE of France and for FREEDOM! Let me explain: if you have French nationality, you have to be proud of your country, proud to represent it, proud of your Christian culture, proud of your wealth, proud of your genius, proud in your history, that was the LOVE of his country.

The French have always fought for FREEDOM. However, over the years, this freedom has been increasingly restricted to give place to authoritarianism and the demands of certain minorities. It is enough to go constantly to France to see it, to listen to some media that is not at the behest of the government and Macronist propaganda. Napoleon said that Africa began ahead of the Pyrenees. Now, I ask myself the question of the direction of crossing the Pyrenees.

What is your relationship with this constituency?

I have lived in this constituency for almost 9 years and more specifically in the Valencian Community where I decided to spend an active retirement as an activist for the National Rally, where I am the representative for the 5th constituency. of the French living abroad. .

Fully integrated with the Spanish population, I am very respectful of local customs and traditions. I participated in the activities of French and Spanish associations, especially in the context of twins in French towns. I also actively participated in information on social networks, a very informative way of exchanging, allowing us to be close despite the distance.

In politics, I closely followed the work of my friend Alain Lavarde, former consular adviser RN in Madrid, and now, my friend Hervé Cardon, adviser to French nationals outside the RN in Lisbon. Such are the problems encountered by our citizens and the decisions made at the level of consulates reported to me.

Playfully, I have two inclinations, a horse and a motorcycle. Regarding horses, Spain and Portugal offer a wide variety of breeds and especially in many equestrian disciplines. And my second passion, motorcycling, re-enacting the scenery, riding the mountain roads is a real focus.

How has your career been marked by the concerns of French people living abroad?

Many of my French friends are worried about the future of their children and grandchildren who have always stayed in the motherland country. Of course, there are day-to-day administrative problems, like France for that matter, and it’s not easy if you’re not a Cervantes language specialist, and in this case, it’s very pleasant to have help. . to a friend like Sylvain from Expat-Valencia or from Lepetitjournal.com.

I think above all to pay for health care for those who decide to stay with their original French social security fund. Like other people, I pay the price when it comes to dental, optical or even other specialist medical care. An example of care provided in Spain, the Cerfa declaration sent in September, the complaint made by CPAM in March of late payment and the response was: “the processing time for external treatment in the country now 6 months. So I invite you to wait this time to get your payment. ”Do you see that as normal? While in Metropolitan France we were paid for two weeks! Are we“ French Subs ”? These are little thing has ruined the daily lives of our foreigners.

How do you view the deputy mandate?

It should be noted, above all, that deputies represent the entire Country and not their voters. Deputies are not spokespersons for their voters, but are determined to relate to their vision of the overall interest.

Some candidates speak of proximity, to the ground, but they forget that our constituency is made up of 2 countries and 2 principalities. The 5th constituency of French people living abroad is not the same size as a constituency department in mainland France and I am very interested to know how they manage their time between Paris and provinces of Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Monaco? Personally, I choose to have representation according to the ethics to be defined, of the constituents of the Kingdom of Spain and the Portuguese Republic.

Consequently, in the name of the entire Nation and in the line of conduct of my National Right political party, the National Rally, I will fulfill my mandate as deputy.

What do you think are the challenges facing the French in your constituency?

I would like to remind you that Mrs Genetet, LREM deputy, wrote a report that will change the finance law in 2019 and have a huge and intolerable tax impact on many non-residents who receive a pension or a disability or other pensions from France by subjecting them to double taxation.

I draw your attention to the fact that Mr. Mélenchon and his new coalition NUPES are thinking of allowing the French state to tax all French citizens regardless of their official residence. Like Anne Genetet’s reform, this provision will primarily affect the income of the middle class and retirees. Against this discrimination and double taxation is what LREM and NUPES want me to fight.

How is your campaign organized and who are your supporters?

My campaign was organized by the National Rally investiture management service, with the help of the representative and treasurer of the Federation of French Nationals Abroad by the RN. At the local level, myself, my successor Evangeline Combettes and my colleagues from the National Gathering, Hervé Caron of Portugal (advisor to the French living abroad) and Alain Lavarde of Spain (former advisor to consular).

For the 4 countries of your constituency, what areas of work would you focus on as a priority when you were elected?

My priorities for my constituency are to exercise the same rights of the French in mainland France in the following areas (incomplete):

  • for medical care and payment (unbearable delays);
  • free education;
  • facilitating the retrieval or modification of administrative documents;
  • the defense of the French language by banning inclusive writing (imagine for a moment the ridicule if the pronunciation of inclusive writing is required).

How do you judge the mandate of the outgoing deputy?

I didn’t know him. I followed Madame Cazebonne a little and I was very angry with her for supporting Genetet’s report on double taxation and that is now demeaning her representative, who is struggling between all the candidates claiming to be from the majority. .

To this end, I invite you to watch the video of my friend Hervé Caron, who was also surprised by the opposition of outgoing deputy Stéphane Vojetta, “intermittent politician”, who suspected a more careerist motivation than sincere in his opposition to the instructions of his political party who chose to invest in Manuel Valls rather than him. In a playful and humorous tone, he didn’t forget to quote Samantha Cazebonne, deputy before being replaced by her deputy Stéphane Vojetta when elected to the Senate, and give her the summer series in the role of traitor because she was at the head of the support committee for Manuel Valls, he even gave him the “golden Caesar of betrayal”.

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