Haiti – Social: Message from Lesly Condé on the occasion of Mother’s Day (2022)

Haiti – Social: Message from Lesly Condé on the occasion of Mother’s Day (2022)
05/30/2022 09:20:28

Haiti - Social: Message from Lesly Condé on the occasion of Mother's Day (2022)

As part of the Mother’s Day celebration, Lesly Condé Ex -Consul General of Haiti in Chicago (August 2004 – May 2018), gives us each year her message of reflections that we invite to read and share.

“Dear compatriots and friends everywhere,

It is always with great joy that I address all my compatriots and friends on the occasion of Haitian Mother’s Day. We know that all earthly mothers are very special, that their love and devotion have no limits, and that they are the guarantees of the continued existence of the species. But there is always more to be said about the Haitian mother, about her courage, her resilience, her optimism, and all she can do to do for her children; even if difficulties of all kinds seem to hinder his path successively. The Haitian mother is a hero in her own right. His commanding presence, his always positive energy and his unwavering sense of duty helped him create generations of heroes.

One cannot speak of Haitian mothers ignoring the circumstances in which almost all of them struggle to care for their children. Caring for children is almost entirely a mother’s responsibility in our country. With a little pain or a little fear, we would ask mom for help. The latter is not too busy or too tired to listen to us and reassure us. Moreover, we are not too old to benefit from his counsel or to take refuge in his strength.

In a ruthless context, clearly conducive to discouragement or even abandonment, the Haitian mother will hold on to her difficult maternal duties as if her survival depended on it. In fact, that is his faith and he has every right to believe it. This connection, this devotion, this loyalty is also multiplied by her children when the time comes to take care of her.

Throughout her life, she was the nurse, teacher, referee, psychologist and more. So do we, when mom comes into the twilight of her life, when we need care, her children are always proud to take care of her. She remains queen. This is one of the differences between life here and that in industrialized countries. We owe this difference to the unconditional love of Haitian mothers.

The Haitian mother is far from a weak home connection. He is simply irreplaceable. I respectfully bow to greet all the mothers in my country on a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.

Lesly Conde. »

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