Flèche Love, a multi-talented singer

Seeing Flèche Love on stage, we were immediately amazed by her warm, deep voice. We were then captivated by an incredible charisma and a generous performance. Born in Switzerland and of Algerian origin, the former voice of the group Kadebostany sings in various languages, English, Spanish, Arabic. Different influences that create a distinct ensemble: the organic and synthetic sounds that flow with electronic rhythms, an intensity reminiscent of the Portuguese fado, oriental intonation, a voice that rebels when it singing texts or crying magnetic sounds. By exploring his discography and his videos, we are plotted into a dream and hypnotic visual universe.

360 ° creativity

Flèche Love, Amina Cadelli in her civil status, is an actress in her own right. He wrote, composed, produced, danced. He has many talents. We knew this from our first exchange: he presented his ideas for the photo shoot, preparing a precise concept. Because he wanted to send us a universe as visual as music. “I’m sensitive to everything, I want to build and share a seamless and shared experience.”

“Since I was a child, I have created universes and parallel fantastic worlds. I read a lot, which fed my imagination. I love music but the most important thing for me is to create a 360 ° world. ”

Music was one of the tools he used to anticipate his ideas, but his curiosity and imagination allowed him to explore all sorts of fields. “I’m interested in all things, like ethology or writing. I’m really writing a book.”

She concretized her ideas by calling on the local creators who inspired her, most notably Olivia Schenker, who made this photo, and Chaïm Vischel, make-up artist who carved the flower, an iris, who decorated on his face during the photo shoot. .

“I pay close attention to issues of inclusivity, I like to bring together different talents. I try as much as possible to use my visibility to highlight the artists who touch me.

Why iris? Because it is sensitive to the symbolism surrounding this plant: a spring flower with protective qualities in Japan, it is also the name of the messenger of the gods of Greek mythology, one of whose roles is to guide women in death. . “I wanted to have a little bit of a magical side, by using this element of the flower. What touched the spirituality and the collective unconscious inspires me. And I think it’s kind of funny, for a interview, that you can’t see my mouth! ”

His music is also covered in themes that have asked him since childhood, such as issues related to minorities. “My mother was a Muslim, I will remember for the rest of my life the racism I suffered after 9/11. The men who were my friends the other day told me to return to my country the next day after the attacks. ”

“Now, I’m testing my scale on creating small windows on these topics that touch me.”

Without compromise

If visual creation allows him to create synergies, musical creation remains for Flèche Love as a solitary work. “It’s a very personal work process, and I think that will eventually come to an end with a little bit of compromise.” Eventually the scene comes to concretize his reflections. “I found the live exciting, it was a big job, there was nothing left to chance. I couldn’t do it in a row, it was a show that gave me the impression of opening myself up to both. I prefer to shoot a little and maintain a form of intensity.

Another reason he won’t miss the Festi’neuch stage on June 9, 2022.

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