8 summer hairstyles to use when hot

THE summerwhen we have long hair and as the temperature rises, it becomes more difficult to tolerate the heat. If you are not tempted by a short haircut but you want to better deal with the high heat, bet on one summer hairstyles that allow you to clear your neck and prevent your hair from falling over your shoulders.

This will limit the risk ofyou are hot because of your long hair, and you will feel more free to act as you wish. Discover now 8 ideas on perfect hairstyles to use when hot :

1. Covers

the sinapid classics, timeless and very practical tie your hair in style ! You can divide your hair into small locks and make many small braids that you have to tie in a ponytail, unless you want to leave it. it side hairstyle at least has the merit of avoiding frizz and hair that sticks to the skin.

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2. the bun

Very practical because it can be done in just a few seconds, the hair bun has merit in completely free neck and shoulders. Here it is ideal hairstyle when hot and you want to put your hair on your head.

3. The ponytail

Of course, the ponytail a good classic summer hairstyles to do when hotbut so was he Easy and quick to do that it is wrong to deprive ourselves of it! You can access it easily with a shiny stretch, a colored scrunchie, by taking a lock of the hair you’ve wrapped around the stretch to hide it (in this case, you’ll need to hold on. the lock with a hairpin) or by grip. it with a beautiful ribbon for a female hairstyle.

4. likoliko

If you start to get tired of ponytailtry them twists. Just get a strand of hair wrapped by itself before fixing it using clips, hairpins or barrettes for a elegant hairstyles.

5. the African border

Ultra practice if it’s hot and easy to do as long as you know it good technique to make an African braid even if you are breastfeedingit braid allows you to keep all the hair for one beautiful summer hairstyles.

6. Loose hair with braid

You can also compromise, especially on summer nights when you want to show a elegant hairstyles allowing you to have a little down the hairsimply by doing and braid on top of the hair.

7. the middle bun

In the same way, you can make half a loafthat is, a hair bun not with all your hair but by taking only part of your hair, for a hair repair relatively less strict and more relaxed to lend himself fully to a summer day.

8. the scarf

the scarf is really our best ally for a hairstyles this summer. In fact, it allowstie the hair tightly while protecting them from the sun in the middle of the day for sublimated hair. You can use it for maintain a ponytailwrap it around yours hair bun or use it as a warning to make a beautiful colored fabric. In any case, yours scarf bring color and enthusiasm to your hair for a successful summer hairstyles.

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