True Love: behind the scenes, anecdotes and amazing little film secrets

In the family of movies that will make you happy and (also give) people’s faith, we find at the top of the list, Love Indeed. A gem in a movie, that you should have seen at least once. And soon you will not be defeated in this terrible topic!

Love Really an anthology film, but it is also and above all a series of scenes that have become cult. This little gem of an ensemble film, with lots of star credits like a fish’s fries and chips, is a real surprise. An English romantic comedy par excellence, the feature film released thirteen years ago has become THE reference for the perfect rom’com. Humor and love, which are the key elements of the film, also reflect the excellent atmosphere that reigned during the filming.

A movie where Bill Nighy, the unforgettable Billy Mack, the crazy rocker trying to come back with a remix ” in shit “sa Love is all around, not – true – audition. The comedian thought of doing a simple reading of the script with his agent as a favor to the casting director, but as a rehearsal, ” and to his surprise, [il] got the job “. To the delight of the audience. The audience is not all in a boat, because in the United States the story of Jack and Judy, the most shy actors who play doubles in the X that films, systematically censored because they were considered daring for American scams …

Lucia Moniz is Aurelia, the beautiful Portuguese housekeeper that Colin Firth loves. The young actress said that the scene where the actor kissed her was taken on her 26th birthday, and for her, this kiss will remain one of her best birthday gifts. Not too romantic, her partner had a bad time with their lake scene. Bitten by mosquitoes during the filming of this scene, the actor had an allergic reaction and ended up with an inflammation the size of an avocado on the elbow…

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Playing the role of Sarah, the young woman who loves Karl, her canon partner, and who has a mentally disabled brother, Richard Curtis dreams of becoming American actress Laura Linney. On the advice of his wife, he wrote to her asking if he could consider accepting a role in the film. A shocking and attractive request was immediately accepted by the actress. Same thing for the appearance of Claudia Schiffer, who seduces Liam Neeson at the end of the film. The director just wanted someone who looked like a German top but despite a lot of castings, he didn’t find the perfect woman, so he offered the role which he happily accepted.

Equally excited to appear in the film, Kris Marshall, alias Colin the young Englishman who went to seduce beautiful American blondes, loves the scene where she ends up in bed with January Jones, Elisa Cuthbert and Ivana Milicevic. So happy to see three women undressing in a row 21 times – the number of taking – she refuses to pay for this day of filming!

Hugh Grant, for his part, has known this director very well, ever since Love Really is their 4th collaboration. But the two men have a unique argument about the scene where the actor / Prime Minister is dancing. ” [Hugh Grant] kept refusing to do it, and he didn’t like the song – it was a Jackson 5 song originally planned, but we couldn’t get it – and he was furious at that. We hadn’t filmed before the last day of shooting and it was so good that when we saw it, it was so good, and he even sang the lyrics! It is hard to cut, but the end result Diving The Aloud girls speak for themselves “, trusted the director. We were easy on him!

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