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As mentioned earlier, the Davos Forum includes important discussions on the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem, with cryptocurrencies sometimes ending up at the port. Another topic that is discussed and related to ecosystems is the metaverse. A round table was organized and titled “The possibilities of the metaverse”.

Endless Possibilities

The roundtable titled “The possibilities of the metaverse” brought together Philip Rosedale, co-founder of High Fidelity, Pascal Kaufmann, founder of the Mindfire foundation, Peggy Johnson, CEO of Magic Leap, Hoda AlKhzaimi, assistant research professor in New York University, in Abu Dhabi, and Edward Lewin, vice president of the Lego group.

A vice president of Lego Group believes the metaverse is a disruptive force that will change the way people learn, especially children.

The main discussion focused on the building blocks and prospects of the metaverse. The panelists discussed the technical aspect, security and the role of human emotions in building a sustainable digital world, based on augmented reality.

In response to a question about the evolution of the Metaverse, Johnson said the building blocks are in place. ” We are already in the early stages, but innovation is definitely moving towards a digital future. “, He said.

Johnson discusses the use of augmented reality in the field of medicine and predicts that the metaverse will facilitate complex tasks in different fields of work.

Lewin talks about building a future for children in the metaverse. He stated:

One in three people who use the internet is a young adult or a child, so I will focus on building from the perspective of children, because they are the future user.. »

Lewin added that augmented reality could change the way children learn today, citing the example of a volcano. He said that recognizing a volcano in a two-dimensional book and viewing it in augmented reality are two different experiences, adding that “it can be a great way to learn. for future generations. »

AlKhzaimi thinks the metaverse is a place of “ interconnection of knowledge and resources “. He also stressed the need to rebel against current systems to build a better digital world, saying:

We have to rebel against the existing technological system, whether it’s computer codes or rules, in order to create a terrible metaverse. »

Kaufmann said the metaverse can be inclusive and disruptive, while adding that it is a place for science to innovate.

The panel agreed on the need to establish an environment that prioritizes the privacy and security of individuals and allows them to be who they want to be. Invited to Davos as part of the World Economic Forum, the crypto ecosystem has always been admired. But the WEF will be able to reflect deeply on the future of the ecosystem and on burning projects like nature, metaverse, Web 3 and even the collapse of UST.

Source: Cointelegraph

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