The Metaverse is at the center of discussions in Davos

Since 1974, the Swiss town of Davos Klosters has hosted the World Economic Forum, which is held there once a year. This year 2022 is marked by a visible change, especially a rapid invasion of the metaverse of debates. Not only at the program level, but also at the level of the activity configuration itself.

The metaverse, an increasingly popular virtual world

For a few months now, the term “ metaverse is on almost all lips. It can be found on many news topics, and not just in the world of crypto currencies. But what is it? Simply put, it’s a “ The 3D virtual world is accessible to everyone through specific equipment such as glasses or a augmented reality helmet “.

Interested parties may develop in this parallel universe and discovering almost the same elements that exist in our “real world”. In fact, many developers have contributed to creating a more expanding world, with more and more complete services.

It starts with a simple avatar that everyone can customize if they want to thrive in this universe, like we did in the famous video game “Sims”, except it’s a fact. Really, but very real where everyone is playing their own role and spending on crypto currencies.

There are already many services accessible in the metaverse, such as:

  • participation in conferences
  • attending concerts
  • go to the cinema
  • shopping
  • To visit museums
  • make investments (buying land for example)

This all proves the the economic interest of the metaverse today. Undoubtedly strong from this observation that the 2022 edition of The World Economic Forum has placed the metaverse at the center of its program.

The metaverse of Davos

Many topics were discussed in Davos, but the metaverse was undoubtedly the most appealing to the public. Beyond the meaning of the concept, it is security within this virtual world of concern to many.

The Minister of State of the United Arab Emirates spoke in particular about the importance of enforce international security standards within this virtual world which will attract more and more people.

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This idea was supported by a Meta manager who suggested the need to classify the information shared to the public according to target (especially children versus adults).

A change to the Davos format inspired by how Metaverse operates

Aside from these relatively technical aspects, Davos is above all the scene genesis of a new format of the World Economic Forum. Since this universe knows no boundaries, this phenomenon must exist beyond spatio-temporal constraints, such as decentralized finance.

A platform can be placed right inside the metaverse. and public-private cooperation can be held there throughout the year. In any case, Microsoft and Accenture have been asked to work on this format with specific interests. Format also tested during the 2022 edition of the Forum.

Today, there are many projects and promises. Their awareness will undoubtedly end with the passage of time. One thing is for sure, though: the metaverse because it is now in the economic equation at the global level. The leaders in Davos are also completely immersed in this atmosphere.

According to a tweet by Canadian journalist Andrew Lawton, between the two workshops, participants were able to take a break from the Facebook metaverse through the “Meta Immersive Learning” program. Perhaps a way for Mark Zuckerberg to relaunch his metaverse “Meta” and his native token after it was blocked by American authorities.

Attendees in Davos can take a break from the pace of the WEF meeting into the “metaverse” of Facebook.

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