L’Expression: Culture – A beautiful declaration of love!

Something promised something because! After more than two years of waiting and stopping due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Hakim alias “Atelier She” – her address is also on Instagram – returned to Algiers where she made us a beautiful declaration of love on Saturday in “Sewing” mode!
The contemporary stylist artist thanked the good public at the Alpha Tango studio with a very nice performance in an atmosphere on the big days, thus reducing his new collection and it, after six months of preparation. A word of caution as important: Leather and genuine leather are shaped and discarded in different ways, in dresses, in pants with slits and finally in the bustier, one of the leitmotifs of couture in “She “which has always signed models to the ode of the modern and strong woman.
There’s leather, married to other materials and fabrics to sublimate the woman’s body, but that’s also … In men! Hakim, who did not make lace, was, in fact, aimed at the same men.
Men, on the other hand, walk barefoot, in contrast women park in very high shoes and sandals if they are not vertiginous velvet boots especially, in addition to outfits that are already meant to be more sensual in cuts. and thing. One can distinguish a series of mostly original pieces from each other.

Skin in all its states
Leather in all its forms comes to sublimate the beautiful curves of women, but also to breathe this false pure elegance into men … Leather, but vinyl also as a lig -on piece in a variant of the models, combined with either skirts or satin dresses or all with transparency and fluidity, creating at the same time, a harmony and a difference in textures , we will also consider these pants with (chelka) reminiscent of the traditional Algerian saroual or even this “cut” set in overall monochromatic look. Black, fuchsia and pastel pink, green, but also brown, these trendy colors of the season are really there for everyone to meet everyone’s needs.
A marriage between the smooth and the rough, the wild and the romantic, like these hair extensions that breathe an aura of another season into young women in bloom.
Note that this parade is believed to be different from what we usually see.

Unconventionality and originality
Unusual in his way of looking at things, Hakim chose to park his models on the floor, covering them with carpets. Also exit the catwalk where models usually act by walking straight. Here the models cross a kind of circular corridor that goes through all the help sitting almost in a circle. In the middle of the stage, let’s say, are enthroned, in addition, large sculptures of abstract art, works by the great sculptor Mustapha Boucetta. Art, in all its forms, gives itself to us in raw beauty.
The agenda also included contemporary dance due to two dancer models, namely Yasmine Bourouila and Mario, a young contemporary dancer from Oran who traveled to Algiers just for the show and returned home immediately afterwards. Algeria 2022, Melissa Hammoumraoui and the president of the Miss Algeria contest, Fayçal Hamdad.
The beauty and grace are truly at the meeting of this unique fashion show and especially in its own right in this nebula of the world of Algerian couture. “He” finally allows us to enjoy truly artistic proposals in terms of fashion, away from the reductive straitjacket of the modernized traditional to which designers, including the fashion weeks created by DZ, are accustomed to us.
Innovation, courage, innovation, even concealment is the hallmark of Atelier She and that can only make us happy and captivating. With “Atelier She”, the word “Fashion” has finally taken on its full meaning!

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