Let’s be one in love!

In the Gospel of John, we witness Jesus ’long prayer to his Father, an intimate and privileged moment in which we are the spectators kept far away in time and space.
We are far from the time of ancient Christianity and Jesus spoke in expressions that are not all in our language today.

However, did you notice that Christ speaks to us of his Father?

Yes! From us, who are here in Thiai, or who have participated in this Eucharist by broadcasting it on the Day of the Lord!

Jesus speaks about us and speaks to us!


In this long Gospel passage where only Jesus speaks, before his passion and the Resurrection, these words have a particular resonance and may resonate in our hearts and in our minds.
Jesus prays… This is not the first time, but he has been doing it for a long time.
He prayed and he quoted those for whom he did it.

Happily able to train the disciples in his footsteps, Jesus knew that through their mission and their subsequent testimony, others would receive faith. Thanks to the word of the apostles, men and women will believe.
It is in this line of believers that we place ourselves today, 2000 years after the preaching of Jesus.

But this succession of centuries has not been simple, nor is it dangerous.
Christ died on the Cross and many more Christians have witnessed their faith even to the gift of their lives, such as the first of them Stephen told us in the Acts of the Apostles. Violence is always done to silence the witnesses of Christ, he who gives strength in trial.

But none of us wants to face that adversity alone. We are not looking for martyrdom. Sometimes, even on their own, he would fit into the lives of Father Jacques Hamel, of Ste Blandine, and other unknown people.

The work of faith, personal and individual, that leads to witnessing to Christ is necessary but always motivates us to persevere, to grow, to give of ourselves and to share.


And Jesus tells us that it grew in unity with him and between believers. In prayer, he asks for us:
“Let them all be one, as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee.”
This expression is not incantatory, but deeply rooted in our Christian vocation: “that they may be one so that the world may believe that you sent me”.

This sought -after unity does not promote equality, the elimination of differences, NO! On the contrary, our complementarity justifies the search for unity.
We must fight against the demons of division, against bad oppositions. No matter our cultural, social or background differences, no matter what color our skin is that is the only envelope of our being, we are ALL children of our Father. Our Christianity is united by a common conscience.
As St. John Paul II said,
“God wants the Church because he wants unity and that, in unity, all the depth of his agape, his love is expressed”
(Encyclical Ut Unum sint, on ecumenical commitment (1995), n. 9)

Love is the cement of unity.


As I pondered this gospel, I saw a flash from heaven.
Living in a Christian youth hostel, Adveniat in Paris, every time I go to the chapel I pass in front of the wall of unity where on a sky blue background is written in about twenty languages ​​the expression of Jesus ” that ‘they may be .a -Ut unum sint -…………’.
This constant meditation on the call of Christ is the prelude to understanding what he expects of us: “that they may be perfectly one that they may know that you have loved them as you have loved me”.
Our prayer, like our search for unity, is nurtured by the love we receive from the Father and which we share.
By proclaiming Our Father just now, we can give a unique sound to Jesus ’longing:“ I have made your name known to them so that the love you have for me may be in them ”.
We will open our arms, we will be ready to tie our hands, all full of the love the Lord has given us.
Do we fully know what is at stake in these words and actions that are repeated at every mass and even beyond it?
Do we feel the warmth in our hearts for the strength and courage to testify and pray?
Not a little coming to Mass, praying together …

This Sunday, let us add a wish, an intention for all our mothers whose feast it is, let us ask Mary this month of May dedicated to her, to protect them and always make them wonderful witnesses of God’s love. for him. of all mankind, who desperately need it.

May we all be one in love!

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