Fortnite Player Remakes The Awesome Disaster Girl Meme And Its Perfection

Fortnite is no stranger to satire and comedy. With content that extends from the real world to the metaverse, sometimes someone will also make an iconic meme in the game.

Recent advances in graphics and interior design make it easy to recreate the hilarious interior. To prove the point, a looper, u/whathojollygood on Reddit, has re-created one of the most iconic memes of this generation: Disaster Girl.

Disaster Girl meme 2.0 took over the FortniteBR Reddit forum

Before looking at the fun of the meme, it’s good to know the original story. According to the internet, in 2005, Zoe Roth, aka Disaster Girl, along with her father, went to watch the controlled burn. This is done by professionals to clean the property.

On the other hand, Zoe’s father, an amateur photographer, was able to take a picture of her with a wide -eyed sly grin. It was taken against the backdrop of the burning house.

It’s unclear why the smile was made at the time, but the image quickly spread like wildfire and became a meme. Even after more than a decade, the meme still persists, even today.

BRUH !! Real life ‘Disaster Girl’ changed her 2005 meme (pictured below) and won $ 500,000 from an NFT. Her father took the photo of their neighborhood watching local firefighters… the photo went viral years ago.

In fact, the original meme is even more important and popular even now that Zoe made it $ 500,000 NFT. According to reports, the money was used for funding his university and tuition.

Even if the fun of the meme is a bit different, it has the same feel and vibe. The user in question, u/whathojollygood, used Ysuki 2.0 for this task and burned down the game house.

Even if there are some elements missing from the image, it is clear to understand the similarities between the original shots. According to the community, this is the best version of Fortnite’s “Disaster Girl” meme. Here is what some fans said:

While the community wholeheartedly supports these creatures, Epic Games is relatively quiet for most of it. Most of the advantages or successes of the game’s players go unnoticed by the developers.

Will Epic recognize these small community creations?

As the developer recognizes specific community creations, most of them will eventually disappear into the dark. Even if it hurts the heart to a degree, there isn’t much that can be done.

With thousands of Fortnite content creators leaving a mark on creative mode, it’s almost impossible to add creativity to everything in the game. A good example is concept skins.

Even if many don’t make the cut, they are still impressive in every way. Unfortunately, developers have little time and space to bring a creator’s vision to life in the game.

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