Choosing a good dog trainer: 5 tips

Because your dog does not integrate basic learning, because he is too scared or on the contrary too loud, you will want to call a dog trainer. This professional accompanies you in educating your dog by offering you customized techniques. How to find a good teacher? Here are 5 tips to achieve this!

Everything you need to know about the dog trainer

A dog trainer is a professional who holds a professional smoke trainer certificate. Contrary to what one might think, his job is not to educate a dog instead of its master. He helps her achieve her goals. To achieve this, the smoke instructor uses his knowledge. He also spends a lot of time observing the dog and his master to guide learning.

It is possible to call a teacher:

  • Before welcoming a dog, whether puppy or adult dog;
  • To understand your dog’s body language;
  • To implement effective procedures;
  • To identify his dog’s needs.

Dog trainers often work in clubs. The classes are then in groups. Upon request, they can come to your home and offer individual and therefore personal sessions. Depending on learning to work, the teacher may suggest that you teach in a park or on the street.

Why hire a dog trainer?

There is no one but many reasons to call a dog trainer. Here are the most frequently encountered motivations.

  • You just welcomed a dog and you feel a little lost. This usually happens if it is the first animal or if the dog is very different from the first. Sometimes the dog does not accept his master’s commands. Calling a teacher then allows you to take control.
  • If, despite your efforts, basic skills are not acquired, calling a professional is an option to consider. This will help you use the right methods to work cleanly but also commands like “sit”, “stop” or “don’t”.
  • Your dog is very scared. Noise, strangers, congeners, he was afraid of everyone! With a teacher, you will examine the dog’s past and find out how to gain his trust. Thanks to strong bonds, you can reassure your partner and improve his or her stress situation.
  • Your dog is very fast. He could not control his emotions. Sometimes he is very loving or on the contrary very aggressive. Know that to help him channel, the skill of a canine trainer is very useful. Keep in mind that an overly loud dog can be harmful. Help was immediately received to find peace in the home.
  • Your dog suffers from emotional dependence. This is a real glue pot! He hated separation and experienced it very well. Once again, a professional can help you!

5 tips on finding a good dog trainer

If you want to hire a dog trainer, you need to find a qualified person. But how to achieve this? Here are 5 tips for finding a quality professional.

1 – Call a qualified dog trainer

The dog trainer must be qualified. Too many of these professionals practice without recognized skills. You must have a professional dog trainer certificate. If the professional has a website or a business card, he or she will determine if he or she is a graduate or not. You can be sure, you rarely ask for proof. If he has a Professional Certificate, he will put it forward because he knows it is the reason.

2 – Ask your veterinarian

Your veterinarian is a health professional for dogs and other pets. He really knows a dog trainer. Also, if you need to call a professional, you can contact your veterinarian first so he or she can direct you to a good dog trainer.

3-Word-of-mouth betting

Word of mouth is the best ad. People who are satisfied with a dog trainer will not hesitate to recommend it. Besides, if it’s a bit too late to get an appointment, it’s a good sign! Don’t hesitate to ask your relatives, your colleagues or the people who regularly go to your dog club.

4 – Get stock by phone

If there are many dog ​​trainers in your area, it may be appropriate to call them. This first contact is very revealing. You will know immediately if the person likes animals, whether they are passionate or not. A good dog trainer will immediately ask you about your dog. He wants to know his name, his age, his race and ask you about his personality. If you talk about your boyfriend, he will tell you to talk about it on the first date… It may not be the person you are looking for.

5 – A decisive first meeting

The first meeting is important before committing. This visit allows you to ensure that the teacher is enthusiastic and that the current is good for your pet and yourself. A good professional will observe your dog, he will be involved.

Positive education should be a priority. Obviously if the professional is too aggressive with your dog or if he is violent, you should leave! It’s counterproductive. On the other hand, if he advises you to be non-judgmental and offers you ways to apply after respecting a period of observation, this is probably the right thing to do.

Finally, price is a criterion of choice. Calling a dog trainer represents a budget. The session price is between 40 € and 70 €.

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