A former Minister of National Education invited to La Manche

Luc Ferry presented his vision of society, work, capitalism and the current concept of happiness in front of a very attentive audience. (© La Presse de la Manche)

“And if the creation of past value sustainable growth on colleagues ? “In it enthusiastic statement and hopeful want to be a springboard full work and the development of DEPARTMENTSJean Morin, president of the county councilinvited Tuesday, May 24, 2022 160 Manche traders.

Professional teaching, mobility aids, child care, training, coaching, as well as the GIP Tandem (public interest group): it entry tools for the benefit of beneficiaries from RSA and job seekers angry at obstacles the most diverse, often unknown to traders.

Improving the environment and quality of life

For TPE and SME (very small and medium-sized enterprises), represented by 160 auditors who responded to the institution’s invitation, Sylvie Gâté, president of GIP Tandemoffered prediagnostics on quality of work lifemanagement pRaCtICes skills and jobssupport for companies on social issues.

Jean Morin called these reforms ” insertion and social economy in his welcome speech with concern combining skills employees, i.e. employers and job seekers.

“We want to improve the environment and the quality of life, work with companies with the aim of making the Channel a region where it is good to live and work.»

John Morin

The mission of Catherine Brunaud-Rhyn, president ofAttitude to the Channelfocused on foreign policy in the Department though recruitment outside the territory on unique skills therefore sought to be followed by a residence made permanent by its attractiveness.

An audience always has all ears, though impressed, in front of a former minister, philosopher, WRITER and teacher. Jean Morin, precisely, is preparing for his visiting and conference hosts Luc Ferry.

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The economy of happiness according to Luc Ferry

Sadly discrimination between general and vocational education, students on big school deadlocked, 70% of them are ready for a salary reduced by 15% in return for “interesting” work, though ecologicalpunctuated in a day or two teleworkplaced according to flexible hours than in 35 hours : all these desires are contrary to a established capitalism on RENEWAL permanent, source of harmful excessive consumption traditional values ​​and mark the contradiction between a philosophy of diligence, even punishment, and its opposite based on profit sharing and participation.

Luc Ferry is performing again some freeze frames like in HEALTHecology and joy on earth favorites, in our Western societies, in the paradise of catholic and on the great night communists.

Finally, remembering “60% of the severe hardliners of voters on the right and left face a soft, minority and colorful center like balls of modeling clay in the children’s class at the end of the day “, the former Minister of ‘National Education experienced in political discourse and debates undoubtedly gives his listeners a political analysis that is likely to be true June 12 and 19 next.

From our reporter Gérard HAMEL

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