love in time of war

We have known for a long time that not all love stories end well. This beautiful novel reminds us of this again.

Even if he is Japanese, Akira Mizubayashi likes to write Queen of Hearts in French. Whatever he does A thousand years of love and broken soul, his two previous novels. A good thing, because his pen is beautiful. Like the story, which focuses among other things on the terrible fate of Anna Melchionni, a young French waitress who hopes to get her teacher’s diploma right away, and Jun Mizukami, a Japanese who recently came to Paris to study alto at the Conservatory with the famous professor Maurice Vieux.

We guessed, these two would be crazy in love with each other. But just at the start of World War II, Jun had to return to Japan to fight and unfortunately, he could see things no man had seen in his entire life.

Sensitive Notes

Queen of Hearts quickly passing from one era to another and from one character to another, we also meet Ayako Amané, a nurse who lost a great deal during the Tokyo bombings in May 1945, or Marie-Mizumé Clément, a violinist from the Orchester philharmonique de Paris who, thanks to a stranger he met on the bus after a concert, makes a surprising discovery: The ear sees, the eye listensthe novel by a famous stranger named Otto Takosch, seems to feature his own grandparents, Jun and Anna.

Linking actions, a book that implies great sensitivity. And that we end with a fierce desire to listen to Don Quixote by Richard Strauss or the 11e symphony by Shostakovich!


Friends, dear friends

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Now 87 years old Bernard Pivot, the former host of the popular show Excerpts, wanted to see more about the friendship, to share with us his feelings and his thoughts. “Friendship is a quiet feeling, even if it unites the two speaking. Or again:” Friendship is the heart without a body. A beautifully written little book.

Among all mothers

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Do we automatically love our children? About a few weeks after the birth of her daughter, it was a question that Blythe Connor was trying to answer. Because when he approached his little Violet, the latter started to cry. And if only that … A shocking thriller already translated into 34 languages.

Marabout’s guide to vegetable garden autonomy

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Not everyone has a green thumb. But thanks to the expert advice in this book, it’s much easier to grow our vegetable garden in such a way that we can feed the whole family. In addition to learning the basics, we will discover how to plan our crops, how to maximize space and even how to grow ginger and turmeric at home!

The secret life of insects

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Ah, the little animals. With the coming of the month of June, they will soon sway, make noise, crawl, eat, squirm, beetle and … hurt! But if you want to know all the things about them, this book is really full of information! For example, all the spiders on the planet eat between 400 and 800 million tons of meat each year. Yes, that’s enough to make us shiver sometimes!

Chills guaranteed

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Blake Nelson’s three wives

It can be said right away: we love this thriller. Even though it’s been a long time since we’ve read that well!

So welcome to Utah where, since the beginning of the XXe century, the Mormon Church banned plural marriage. The problem is that even today, all members of this sect do not have to respect this law and find a way to avoid it. To live peacefully with his three young and beautiful women, Blake Nelson had the idea, for example, to settle a ranch lost in the depths of the desert. Which, if there is an accident, can prove impractical.

Hard love

Good. Accident may not be the right word. Killing is more appropriate. And since no one lives or is accustomed to passing through the area, initial suspicions inevitably fall on Rachel, the first wife, and her two sisters Emily and Tina.

In Agent Brewer’s next interview, we gradually discover their strange daily life-far from love and good feelings-as well as the amazing Mormon principles. In the ending, wow! Very nice thriller.

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