Gaspard Noé: “Nothing beats ‘Love'”

Director Gaspard Noé believes that his film “Love”, soon to be on our screens, is “nothing short of shocking”. This feature film with raw sex scenes is never intended to be provocative but rather to represent a loving love between two young people, according to the director.

The scandal announced in Cannes, then at the heart of a controversy surrounding its ban on children under 16, “Love” by Gaspar Noé, a love film with raw sex scenes, “nothing surprising“, according to its director.”No desire to challenge“, he assured.

The film, which was shot in English and in 3D, in theaters on July 29, tells the story of Murphy (Karl Glusman), a 25-year-old American living in Paris who wants to be a filmmaker. She wakes up on January 1 with her partner Omi (Klara Kristin) and her two -year -old son.

Throughout the rainy day, he remembers his biggest love affair with Electra (Aomi Muyock) two years ago.

Passionate love and sex scenes

The film, which chronicles Murphy and Electra’s relationship through flashbacks accompanied by voice-overs, features several sex scenes, some unimulated, sometimes close-ups: a woman masturbating of a guy to cumshot, a threesome love scene, another in the swingers club, one with a transvestite, …

Presented from the competition at the last Cannes Film Festival, the film attracted a crowd of viewers, interested in posters showing a close-up of genitals or kissing on the lips. But he didn’t end up creating controversy.

It was born a month ago when Culture Minister Fleur Pellerin asked the film’s classification commission for a second opinion, when he had previously recommended that the film be banned for those under 16.

Vincent Maraval, co-producer of the film and accustomed to controversy, strongly protested, viewing it as an attempt to “get a more severe classification“, until the commission confirms its initial opinion.

However, according to Gaspar Noé, “there’s nothing tearfully bad in this film, far from it“.

This is the most blue flower movie I have ever made“, said the 51-year-old Argentinian filmmaker, who lives and works in France, in an interview with AFP.

Woe to the film and unhappiness?

One of the causes of a scandal in 2002 with “Irreversible”, which had an endless rape scene, indicated that he wanted to be here “represents a loving love between two young people“.

It was not even intended to be sulfur. There is only one purpose to represent what seems normal for me to represent, people who love each other and do stupid things.“, added the filmmaker, calling” Love “”melodrama“.

When we say we want to make a movie about love for love, we’re really making a movie where people love each other, kiss each other, make love.“, He reasoned.

I don’t see why we are allowed to film sadness, suffering and unhappiness“, defends Gaspar Noé.”In ‘Love’, there is no time for guns or violence, other than the insults uttered by the two main characters.“.

Usually simulated sex

Asked about several sex scenes, the director confirmed while remaining unclear that “it is usually simulated“, but that he has”people want to believe what they see“.

As for 3D, he says he uses it because of this technique ”adding a quirk“, and”something more emotional“.

But for him, his film, with sometimes pointless improvised dialogues and smooth lighting and framing – the photograph was signed by Benoît Debie, also cinematographer for Ryan Gosling or Wim Wenders – was never a “3d porn“, as he is often called.

The so-called porn is an over-codified video genre, where there is no time for men to kiss, women get pregnant“, he pointed out.”It’s almost a kind of physics, lighting. It’s more of a sporting act.“.

I find the film closer to ‘La Vie d’Adèle’ or auteur films than these films. ”he judged.

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