8 Avatar Types You Can Customize In Metaverse

If your friend sends you a little wave and this character seems like a mix between him and a Simpson? Honey, he’s an avatar, and he’s the replacement. Avatars are rather graphical representations of a user, but as we move deeper into the metaverse we will discover more and more avatarization options. Soon these avatars will come with a Goop subscription and take a break into the outer metaspace (like the usual metaverse, more pretentious). Of the many things out there, how do you choose one? And, most of all, what will they wear? Read our guide on how to access each avatar type.



The OG! A customized, full avatar just like you. You can customize and use your Bitmoji with tons of different apps – Snapchat, iChat, GChat… all chats. All social media apps. Honestly, Bitmojis is so cute. They can wave and smile, and you can dress them in something simple, like a baseball cap. Avatars should stop here.



Memoji builds on Bitmoji using Apple’s Face ID system to pair your avatar closer to your face, which means these avatars can be accessed by too realistic buttons. You can get it in your Apple SMS app. Don’t worry, though – now it’s free, but tomorrow it’s the only way to transfer your contact from your old phone, and it’s $ 1,300.



This is a Bitmoji for two people! If your friend has Bitmoji, you can mix the two into one Friendmoji. Friendmojis are basically two people standing next to each other, which is what friends do, according to the programmers who built them. These avatars can be accessed with friendship face tattoos, as only the face is visible.



Now we’re starting to get into It the metas … the crypto avatars. CryptoPunks basically launch NFTs, and for that they are very sorry (well, they don’t, but if they have any behavior, they can). Unlike most avatars, CryptoPunks has a value for money – no two are alike, so if you have a good one, someone will pay you a nice penny for it. And I say “penny” because they pay in cryptocurrency, the amount we will likely measure soon in denominations of 1 and 5 cents. In my opinion, they’re less pretty to look at than other avatars – they’re almost like digital rendering in Legos. Any accessory you add can enhance the uniqueness of your avatar, but since we’re going to be punk here, can I suggest a pink mohawk?



Meebits is an Ethereum -based NFT avatar. Ethereum is primarily bitcoin hipster, meaning your Meebit is likely to wear a fedora. These are 3D avatars rendered in voxels (pixels with volume… duh) to make a more realistic rendering to the user. Unless all of them are square so unless you’ve spent your life in a CrossFit gym and your jaw is set in oblivion they won’t look that strong like you. Uniquely versatile, Meebits can be used to play metaverse games and the IRL verse.



Another NFT -based avatar, and one you can get before buying to make sure you have what you want. Yes, because a bad nose is the most compelling reason not to invest your money in NFTs. They look more like creepy dolls than other Lego-like NFT avatars-they fit the unicorn aesthetic so common in the Ethereum community. Access it with Botox, because you can.

Avatars in Microsoft Metaverse


Remember Microsoft? Well, he entered the Metaverse race. Last month, Microsoft announced that users will be able to use Teams ’Metaverse 3D avatar, Microsoft’s meeting software – and your avatar is the same as yours, except for the entire Uncanny Valley. These avatars are like a Sims 3-5 if I can remember correctly the interactions of my Sims. I only use Teams at work, but I like the idea of ​​no longer having to look at the faces of my co-workers, so I’ll say I’m ok. Access this avatar with black sunglasses with blue light, to better hide that you are asleep in meetings.

Facebook Avatars Codec

Facebook codec

These avatars are known to be more realistic than the avatars that lead them, which is ridiculous because Facebook as a company is notorious for wasting most of us in our energy. But seriously-Facebook tries to brag that you can see the pore in its avatars, as a good thing, so you better access it with a little concealer.

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