whose mother are you according to your astro sign?

Mother’s Day 2022 is fast approaching and in this context, you will know what the stars are saying about the characters of mothers according to their Zodiac sign. Whether devoted or more liberal, they all have qualities that will enable us to worship and cherish them forever!

Astro: what mom according to astrology?

Motherhood isn’t easy, that’s obvious. It was an event that gave new meaning to a woman’s life. Whether she relaxes or tends to be more strict, it’s just a detail, because every woman can experience her motherhood as she feels. Astrology can give you an idea of ​​how each astrological archetype experienced motherhood according to the stars.


The Aries mother is undoubtedly a mother who pushes her children to pursue their goals. Sometimes she can be sudden and seemingly immovable, but she does everything to ensure a prosperous future for her children. He always tries to convince these kids that they can do anything, because his sign is a go-getter in character. Her little ones better hang out!


Mother Taurus is undoubtedly pure sweetness and tenderness. She will always make sure her children have everything they want, until they get hurt! Mothers of this sign are the type who cook small dishes and put things behind their children. A strong mother who will support her young children at all times.


A Gemini mother is one we can all tell. Full of energy, she will be her children’s best friend, thanks to the youthful spirit of the sign.
She always pushes her children to discuss their problems and find a solution through dialogue.


We see in Cancer the archetype of the mother. These are the women who do everything for their children. Those who try to test against the happiness of the latter will find in him a terrible enemy. The level of protection and love given by her mothers is unmatched in the zodiac and their children know it!


Leo people usually have big hearts. These are mothers who want to teach their children important life lessons without thinking about sentimentality. Teaching them freedom and kindness is the number one goal of these women.


Virgo sign mothers are mothers who are always detailed. An organized woman, she takes care of all aspects of her child’s life, especially its health. This mother being somewhat obsessive, she would ask her little ones to be organized and orderly, because she knew it was the key to a more harmonious life.


The mother Libra is undoubtedly the most attractive in the Zodiac. Women who love to dress and seek harmony in all aspects of their lives, they teach their children good manners and style as a philosophy of life.


Mother Scorpio has a strong personality. He couldn’t stand the whims and the house was better off on the sidelines. This education has always provided disciplined adults with a lot of common sense, and he knows it. Very intuitive, she always knows when things are not good for her little ones and she will always look for the best way to help them.


Mother Sagittarius is happy and funny. She doesn’t want her life to be complicated by too many rules and she will always find a way to not forget every moment of life with her children. She loves to travel with them and is usually a tolerant mother.


The quintessential old school mother. He was a stickler to the rules he imposed on his children and his home. For her, motherhood is a serious duty that she claims to have an unparalleled responsibility. Her children will never lack for anything.


The Aquarius mother wants to teach her children about diversity and open thinking. Showing them that you can build a life from the beaten path is his primary purpose so that they can live a life full of unique and shaping experiences.


The Pisces mother is a fusional mother, who strives to be a part of her children’s lives and to be with them at all stages of their development. Somewhat airheaded, he forgets every now and then to impose limits on them, but he always knows how to give them the most unconditional love.

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