Top 3 Sub- $ 0.02 Metaverse Crypto Coins To See In May 2022

Cryptocurrency markets continue their bearish trends as Bitcoin and Ethereum struggle to maintain support. Metaverse Crypto Coins is struggling as well, with many posting a digit percentage loss today. This is a great opportunity to start projects that are not worth the average dollar cost that could see a significant increase in the next bull run. This article looks at our selection of the top three Metaverse crypto coins with unit prices below $ 0.02 to look at in May 2022, ranked by current price, from lowest to highest .

#3 Radio Caca (RACA) – $ 0.0005709

Launched in August 2021, Radio Caça (RACA) is a Metaverse and NFT ecosystem comprised of USM Metaverse (the United States of Mars), an NFT -based Metamon game, and an NFT marketplace built on Ethereum .

Radio Caca is one of the lowest paid projects, with a strong community and group supporting its development. Radio Caca’s Metamon NFT game allows users to earn rewards by participating in its ecosystem. In addition, users can now explore the USM Metaverse, which allows players to interact with each other and visit a variety of experiences.

Finally, Radio Caca also offers an NFT marketplace that reached more than $ 40 million in trading volume in the first month of its operation, proving the enormous potential of the project.

In addition, the long-term potential of Radio Caca can be seen in its world-class partnership, which the project has been able to secure over the past few months. For example, Radio Caca has teamed up with hip-hop artist French Montana for his upcoming album, Montega. In addition, the project has dedicated $ 25 million in funding to create a unique 2D metaverse themed around the rapper’s album.

Surprisingly, Radio Caca is very good today, growing by 6% in the last 24 hours. Radio Caca is an unforgettable event in May 2022.

The main utility asset of the platform is RACA, which includes the ERC-20 and BEP-20 versions. The use of RACA includes purchasing NFTs and partnering with its USM and Metamon metaverses.

You can buy RACA at Poloniex, KuCoin,, Huobi Global, PancakeSwap, etc.

#2 Star Atlas (ATLAS) – $ 0.00955

Launched in September 2021, Atlas of the Stars (ATLAS) is still one of our favorite projects that is currently worthless at a market value of $ 20 million. Star Atlas is a Solana-based Metaverse project that builds a next-generation game on space exploration, territorial conquest, and political domination.

star atlas user interface

As one of the most anticipated games on the market with some of the best designs, Star Atlas should be seen in May 2022. Star Atlas will feature unique MMORPG and RPG themed gameplay for its players. experience immersive and engaging while earning rewards.

The platform’s Metaverse is still in development, but users can check out its NFT Marketplace, which includes numerous collections of in-game assets such as structures, chips, gear, items, and more.

On May 2, Star Atlas partnered with The Sandbox to build the first interconnected cross-chain metaverse. This collaboration aims to change the interoperability between the Solana blockchain and Ethereum.

Regarding its economy, Star Atlas has a dual-token economy consisting of ATLAS and POLICE tokens. ATLAS is the primary utility asset, while POLICE is the governance token that allows holders to vote on proposals and participate in the Star Atlas DAO.

You can buy ATLAS on Solana -based exchanges like FTX and Raydium. The token will also be used on many centralized exchanges such as and Kraken.

#1 Metaheroes (HERO) – $ 0.01629

Launched in July 2021, Meta-Hero (HERO) is our top pick for the lowest and lowest cost Metaverse crypto project on the market. Metahero builds an ultra-realistic metaverse that allows users to scan themselves and other real-world objects in the metaverse.

meta hero award

Using next-generation scanning technology provided by its partner, Wolf Digital World, Metahero seeks to transform the metaverse and bring the next ten million users to its platform.

Wolf Digital World is a leader in 16k 3D scanning technology used by AAA game development teams such as CD Project, the group behind Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher series.

With a current market capitalization of $ 82 million, Metahero is exceptionally undervalued. Clearly, the project has long-term potential, which means HERO could show significant price growth in the next bull.

Regarding its economy, the native utility asset of the project is HERO, a BEP-20 token built by the BNB chain. HERO will be used to pay for scanning services and interact with its metaverse along with the DOME token, which is Metahero’s primary Everdome token-the actual name of its metaverse.

You can buy HERO at Hotcoin Global, LATOKEN, OKX,, PancakeSwap, etc.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency.

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