the keys to the success of the 1st virtual meeting of Narcotics Anonymous

If virtual can really help.

The last two years of pandemics and successive incarcerations have led to major social upheavals: in our consumption, our habits and uses, our psyche, from our dreams to our memory, but also in our mental health. Loneliness, anxiety, fear or boredom especially discourage vulnerable people.

All forms of addiction have worsened under the impact of the health crisis, as revealed in a survey conducted by the BVA institute for the Association Addictions France in April 2021: more than a third of users report increased their consumption last year. twelve months. If tobacco, alcohol, cannabis, but also drugs (including psychotropics). How can we help these people at a time when health measures and social isolation are preventing self -help organizations from meeting and showing up at videoconference meetings to their limit?

This is the challenge that the association must face Narcotics Anonymous and where the Socialyse agency (the internal marketing agency of the Havas ’media division) responded to an unprecedented initiative: the first meeting organized in the metaverse. Emilie Cabaniehead of Influence, and Emmanuel Quérésenior strategic planner at Socialyse Paris, reflect on this experience from another world.

The short

In September, Socialyse Paris met with the Narcotics Anonymous association through an acquaintance ofEmilie Cabanie part of organizational professionals. The latter faces a problem: their method is proven and effective, but it is not recognized in the public scene as one of the solutions to end addictions. ” This person, knowing my job and the agency I work for, met with me to go ahead and support them on this issue. “, He recalls.

Particularly specific to the association (anywhere in the world) and not the least: it can say, but has no right to “proselytize” the “recruitment” (through press forums for example) and must – of course – respect anonymity of its members. Narcotics Anonymous is organized horizontally without a president or spokesperson. Currently, there is no solution the agency can offer. “If throughout the Channel Narcotics Anonymous is a well -known association and is used by public authorities, the justice system and the health system, in France, it is not a reflex when it comes to the treatment of addictions. People are instead sent to doctors who treat them with psychoanalysis or drugs if they are not sent to a detoxification center.“, continued Emilie Cabanie.

Also, contrary to what many people think, NA diliRequiem for a Dream the association deals with all types of drugs: the primary factors are drugs, alcohol, or cannabis“, exactly Emmanuel Quéré, senior strategic planner at Socialyse Paris.

By the time the association and the agency meet, NAs has been holding all Zoom meetings for two years: “ They lose this aspect of human presence, brotherhood and warmth behind the screen.remind again Emmanuel Quéré. Similarly, new members who push a door to get in have an added barrier to finding an online meeting, stripping themselves of being unfit to come ‘to be seen.r ‘”. In fact, the association also makes it possible to welcome” observers “, people who come to see how a meeting goes, but also screenwriters and directors who want to fill their work with realism.

The idea

Through an invitation from Facebook in November the Socialyse Paris duo saw the solution show up. Recently renamed Meta, the group invited a few partners to give their customers a preview of the in-house metaverse. Emmanuel Quéré sees this as the perfect spotlight for Narcotics Anonymous: “ It was by removing our VR headsets after our presentation that we thought this process would be interesting to put the association in the media space. “. Really, what could be better than today’s fashion to shine its spotlight? The first meeting of Narcotics Anonymous in the metaverse was born. At least his idea.” Two slideslater, the concept is proposed by the client. whileEmmanuel Quéré convinced of make a space oven “, the head of the association took off his own VR helmet in full presentation. Valid.

Now we need to liven up this meeting, adapt it to the proposed concept: it should take 40 minutes and discuss all the themes discussed in a classic meeting of members – new and old – with different backgrounds and testimonials. Members who agreed to participate in the experiment were then trained individually and did not identify with VR Academy, service provider in operation. The first meeting of Narcotics Anonymous may take place.

How to select and design the environment in which the virtual reality meeting takes place? In partnership with the VR Académie, Socialyse designed a customized world from multiple existing worlds with the association’s representative. There is no beach, as it first thought Emmanuel Quérébut a more “realistic” environment, less bling-bling, with a round table where members can meet and face each other.

The countryside

It happens in 2 parts:
-invite reporters to attend the meeting as spectators aware that the number of venues is limited. Eight media were contacted. Everyone responded present, including Réclame.

– At the end of the meeting, all assets were recovered, a video was edited in the process to be sent to an expanded list of generalist and BtoB media and verbatim statements conveying their feelings on the spot from of members sent attached to the press release.

From the confession ofEmilie Cabanie, having already attended a physics meeting and collected the warm reactions of members, this meeting had everything in one IRL meeting, despite the first technological brakes. And even a few more advantages: the VR headset allows true immersion, listening and concentration not offered in a Zoom meeting where the outside environment can play with distracting agents (telephone, ( s) people we live with, etc.).

It does not replace a physical meeting, but provides an additional way to break down the glass ceiling without notice, in possible hesitation at the first meeting.appreciated Emilie Cabanie. There is a sense of maximum concentration because we find ourselves immersed in a universe where we can only leave by removing our VR headset.»

All the members were seduced and had the impression of living in a real meetingto prove the Emmanuel Quéré. That’s what we expect from the metaverse, breaking the virtual glass ceiling, feeling the emotion, “contact”. At the end of the meeting, someone said, “It’s really magic”. I was touched by this meeting and amazed by the reactions of the members. As they provide elements of language that in my dreams I give them. »

The results

– Significant press coverage: “We invited the media in the hope that they would announce the association, which it could not do on its own. remember Emmanuel Quéré.The goal is to reach a large audience, doctors, politicians, people who can redirect to NA. »The mission was fulfilled inrelease Raw,Western Franceor even France Info.

-A reach of over 77 million captured media views thanks to press coverage.

-The video Brut made and posted on Instagram generated 70k views against a video by Jean-Luc Mélenchon that was previously released and posted 30k views.

We had 3x more views of our video than anyone else on the Brut platform. »

– Narcotics Anonymous delighted, “they haven’t had much press since their creation in France“.

Unlike many associations that talk about the number of their members, NA only knows the number of meetings that take place each day in France. It is part of their rule, the number of members cannot be counted“, Explanation Emilie Cabanie.

The keys to success

– Timing
The planets alignrejoiced again Emmanuel Quéré.The ever -changing tech topic, the problem of exploding addictions and the fact that meetings are always held remotely. These three combined dynamics make the project possible.»

The entire operation is based on this momenthe still remembers:we have a time not to miss each other, to make sure that everyone is working technically, that everyone is in good condition, and not sick, that the testimonials are at least interesting, because if we “feed” on each other technology, we have to nonetheless “pick through emotion” of the people invited. We really had no control over what was said, I had to pinch myself that everything was fine. If that’s the sauce, if we help people and they’re content, we’re happy to do our job.»

– A relationship of trust
It’s rare for an agency/“advertiser” relationship to be like this“, emphasized Emmanuel Quéré.

Emilie Cabanie as himself “surprise»That everyone participated. “They had already given their agreement in advance to participate in the experiment, but everyone was united and trusted us to tell it to the reporters. I didn’t expect what they said during the meeting and as a result, it was very perfect and really brought experience.»

– The trend of the time
There isn’t a day that doesn’t have a generalist or special media talking about the metaverse. Its use inevitably plays a role in media coverage of the operation. This is even the “key” for Emilie Cabanie : “We were able to use a new technology wisely and that perfectly answered the problem of association. »

The metaverse allows all boxes to be checked regardless of association -specific rulesto prove the Emmanuel Quéré :we were able to take a meeting (hence respect for not informing members) and put NA at the forefront of the media space. For the first time, we got, in its original form, the actual translation of a meeting. (…) Everyone who comes across the video is really touched by this message, nothing superficial even if the form seems so. The impact of the message on the target is important.()We are also working to create properties that will serve as communication objects for the association.»

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