The Isle of Love: Jacob gives us his version of the ‘biggest cheat in Isle of Love history’

After Kharl left on Tuesday night, another member of the trio responsible for the internet gate was shown at the door of the villa. Recently from the adventure with Megan, Jacob had a lot of explanations given to us.

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“We knew it was wrong and we were willing to live with the consequences. Honestly, I won,” Jacob admitted.

Now that he is no longer on the adventure, we can say that the main interested party has a consequence (or almost). He told us of the reasons that led him to participate in “the biggest scam in the history of the island of love”, and allowed us to better put ourselves in time. Like Kharl, he would not disclose how the three knew they had internet access.

We started looking for this suspicion ….

“My relationship with Bianca just ended when we found out we had access to it. [à internet]. I was in an emotional hole and I had the opportunity to write to my family. You have been gone for a long time, you are not feeling well and you can contact your family. I took advantage of the opportunity. I don’t care how things go, on the other hand, ”he said.

Let’s talk about this Bibi. For those who don’t remember, there was a big fight between the men after the internet-gate announcements.

In an explosion of honesty (a first on the show) William breaks the BroCode and went to tell Bianca that Jacob approached an ex-flame when he had the chance. He was very angry.

Asked about his contacts outside the villa, Jacob was happy to clarify things.

“Well, we can tell the truth. I actually contacted a friend. He’s not my ex. I blamed Will, but I knew someone else was talking to Bianca. I can’t say who, but he is someone who is very close to Will and Bibi, ”he said with a small smile.

About the twist that brought Amélie to the villa, Jacob assured us he knew nothing about it.

“Everyone did what he had to do on his side and I took care of my business. We didn’t say who we were writing to,” he said.

let’s talk about honesty

We felt a little angry at the villa for a week. Let’s say that the honesty of some has already begun to frighten others.

“My dear friend Derek! He was not honest with Bianca, everyone knew. There were times when he didn’t plan anymore. Megan or Alexandra. I also don’t want to be a bearer of bad news, to be seen by him when he returns to Quebec, ”Megan and Jacob explained with a laugh.

Burst Crunchy Questions:

Your best French?

Jacob: “Yes Bianca”

Megan: “I’d say Shady because there are feelings but with Mathieu it’s hot!”

The most beautiful man in a swimsuit?

Jacob: “I would honestly say Amanda or Bianca ”

Megan: “Shody because I love his tattoos”

If you have an intimate suite, who will you go with?

Jacob: “I’m here, but Bianca and I will be back”

Megan: “We said this with Shady further and we said we would have a hard time controlling ourselves”

For those wondering if Jacob still has feelings for Bianca, we confirm yes!

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