The Best Video Games Coming Out While You’re Busy Playing ‘Elden Ring’

Elden rings joined the banned club of video games that would be able to grab all the attention of critics and the public within a few months. as GTA V (2013), Zelda: Breath of the Wild (2017) o Read Dead Redemption 2 (2018) before him, the latest creation from FromSoftware studio was elevated to the status of a masterpiece when it was released on February 25 on consoles and PCs. However, it covers new features that also deserve a spotlight: here’s our selection.

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“Sleeping Citizen”

Mixing between interactive novel and puzzle, Sleeping citizen puts us in the shoes of a robot where we inject the consciousness of someone and who must try to survive on a space station where factions and bandits are all sorts of fighting. Wonderful speech but very well written, Sleeping citizen built a successful portrait gallery and was able to capture the entire short, multi-ending storyline. However, it is reserved for English speakers, if there is no (currently) a French translation.

Available for € 17 on PC (Steam), € 20 on Switch and Xbox. Available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

Rogue Legacy 2

An albino dwarf knight. Your mission: explore a labyrinthine dungeon and defeat six titanic monsters, before opening the golden doors that separate you from the final challenge. Along the way, millions of causes die. And besides, you’re going to die – that’s for sure! As you are sure your offspring, for example a colorblind and petomanic valkyrie, will take over. Who will replace a clumsy narcoleptic ninja, or a pacifist boxer skilled in gambling. on Rogue Legacy 2we die in a loop and we start all over again, but it’s to better face an ever-changing challenge.

Available for € 22 on PC and € 25 on Xbox One and Xbox Series.


Adventure with a capital “A” and cuteness with a capital “M”. This is the suggestion of Tunic, where it is a question of comprising a wolf dressed in green in search of a great treasure. We find the same nostalgic formula as Door of Death (2021): a strong tribute to The Legend of Zelda: A Link To History (1991) adorned with forced fights in Dark Souls (2011). However, with this level full of secrets and the unforgettable universe, we are clearly faced with video games with many J » and a capital “V” “.

Available for € 28 on PC and Mac. Available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga »

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga reviews (and grinds) three trilogies Star Wars in a title. Alone or in duos, we find ourselves taking turns comprising most of the franchise’s heroes, from George Lucas ’original episode (numbered IV, of course) to JJ’s episode IX. Abrams. Solving puzzles, exploring scenes that have become cults and above all fighting the great figures of the Empire … TT Games revisited with joy and good humor a bit tried but very effective formula.

Available between € 50 and € 60 on Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC.


At night, the bright lights of a large refinery prevent Norco townspeople from seeing the light of the stars. Thus began the developer of the game Geography of Robots ’first creation, a dystopian work inspired by the city of the same name, located on the outskirts of New Orleans. After years of the absence and death of her mother, Kay returns to her hometown and learns that her brother is missing. The atmosphere awakens road trip sorrow Kentucky Road Zero and the neo-noir atmosphere of blade runner. With a very humble device – pixel art and surveys point and click – this narrative experience captivates us with its poetic and political flashes.

Available for € 15 on PC.

“Shift Shaft”

We thought we were vaccinated against match-3, these interchangeable puzzles à la Candy Crush. However, the variant Shift Shaft succeeded in overcoming our immune defenses by offering an unprecedented mechanism: the possibility of tilting the grid to 90º or 180º to multiply combinations. Good graphics and unstoppable mechanics, this title – with no combined purchase or explosion of colors that should hypnotize us – reinjects a good dose of strategy into this genre that we think is hackneyed.

Available at € 3 on iOS and Android.

“Run: The World in Between”

Nightmarish difficulty, a nervous soundtrack, simple controls and an original concept, have everything you would expect from a platform game with Run: The World in between. The title from the Team Run studio shines with very precise moves, its fast pace and the permanent tension it puts on the player. on trends, you have to cross the short level which consists of repetitive obstacles but changes the order of appearance with each test. This originality makes all the difficulty of the game: it is impossible to fully rely on muscular memory, as can one on one. Celestial. Devil but effective.

Available for € 10 on Nintendo Switch and PC.

“Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe”

Stanley returns with this polished version of the incomparable The Parable of Stanley (2013). Despite the addition of about thirty minutes of extra time, the trajectory of employee 427 (almost) has not changed: this model employee sees his routine disrupted by the loss of his colleagues. He begins to search for them, following the instructions of an invisible narrator who gradually loses control… Newcomers will enjoy the pirouettes of the account and the return of the medium that makes it all salt in the original version. There is nothing revolutionary, however, for those who owned the title that was released nine years ago.

Available for € 22 on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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