“Love” is finally banned for kids under 18, should we cry?

New twist on the “Love” affair. After much trouble, Gaspar Noé’s film was finally banned for those under 18. Should we cry?

Three weeks after its release, and at the end of a case with much controversy, Gaspar Noé’s film finally received a ban for those under 18. At the end of the hearing held on July 30 in the administrative court in Paris, the judge of the chambers in fact agreed to the request of the Promoting association. Militant for the “promotion of Judeo-Christian values ​​in all parts of society”, the association is led by lawyer André Bonnet (who also calls himself Patrice André, editor’s note), former executive of MNR by Bruno Mégret, who already has under his belt banning minors from Baise Moi, Ken Park, Saw 3D Final Chapter and Nymphomaniac Volume 2.

“In France, love is now banned for those under 18”

The film, presented at the midnight session of the last Cannes Film Festival, tells a passionate and worldly love story between two young people and presents several unimulated sex scenes. The punishment provoked the ire of Vincent Maraval, film producer and boss of the company Wild Bunch.

Télérama asked, the producer is hurt ” than the ayatollah who does not represent anyone hijacking a classification system ”.
Faced with censorship, he explained that “ the land of freedom has become the internet ”. Land of freedom, but hard land “brews the worst at the same time as the best”.

Social networks are on fire

The web didn’t take long to hear itself, with many Internet users protesting to see justice being served in the fight by a puritanical and reactionary association. Where some saw a contradiction in the fact of banning the film to minors at a time when a more rancid porn could be accessed with a few clicks, others were surprised that a love film received a ban more stringent than.Can’t go back (another film by Noé) depicting frontal rape.

Other reactions, however, were in line with the court’s decision. Some considered the film too shocking and therefore unsuitable for minors, while others, for more cinematographic than political reasons, called for tightening of its distribution.

lovemovie scandal?

If it seems unbelievable that an association with a clear political line would benefit from such influence, the film’s deliberately seditious nature may also act against it. During its screening in Cannes, love not the expected scandal. Didto diin Can’t go back hit the headlines in 2002, many reporters didn’t see love rather than a vain subversive urge.

Banning the film among those under 18 could have a major impact on its distribution. Vincent Maraval’s desire to broadcast the film in 2D in theaters not equipped with 3D projection devices could be questioned by the cinemas concerned, who saw the film’s lack of minors as a drawback. . It could also affect its broadcast on television.

After inspecting several cinemas, the ban on those under 18 in any case has already begun. The youngest must bring proof of identity, theaters broadcasting the feature film were ordered to check the age of the viewers in case of doubt.

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