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Love, they make it their business. If you are looking to live or break up with your dearest loved one, they are here to help. These movie heroes have found the root of the emotion and have no intention of letting go! Unless …

Marie-Zoé, “Minder” in LOVE ADDICT

RECOGNIZE : Marie-Zoé with Minder in Love Addict
Job : former lawyer converted to personal coach 2.0
Specialty : bring lonely souls back on track

Marie-Zoé (Mélanie Bernier), a little girl of 1m60 and dust, is not the type to count. Newly landed in the business model of “Minder” (life coach), he seems determined to put his anger into the service of his clients. Gabriel (Kev Adams), addicted to women, calls his services. Determined to follow his mission, he used all possible and unthinkable means by the young man to force him to look into the distance. Somewhat surprised with extreme anger, the golden boy there is no other option but the commitment and loyalty of his coach 2.0.

Flat: As her manners show, Marie-Zoé makes it a point of honor not to mix personal and professional life. Until the day…


Greg’s company, from ALIBI.COM

Corporate identity :
Job : Make any kind of alibi
Specialty : skims NO detail to cover its customers

Together with his partner Augustin (Julien Arruti), and his new employee Medhi (Tarek Boudali), Greg (Philippe Lacheau) makes his small business a thriving one. Whether you want to avoid a boring dinner with in -laws, hide a betrayal from your spouse or sow trouble in your private life, will not back down from any challenge and give its customers in every way possible to satisfy them. In short, Greg is a kind man. The icing on the cake, the arrival of the beautiful Flo (Elodie Fontan) into her life makes her the happiest of men. In order not to risk ruining everything, he however decided to hide the essence of his activities from her.

Flat: When Flo’s father asks for his talents to treat himself to a short weekend with his mistress, Greg finds himself in a bad way: if he fulfills the demanded by step-dad, Flo knows nothing of her life. But lying to his loved one can be heartbreaking for Greg, who is having a hard time controlling the situation.

Gaumont Columbia Tristar Films


RECOGNIZE : Doctor Love, aka Alex Hitchens
Professional matchmaker
Specialty: Combining ordinary men with extraordinary women … for a lifetime

In New York, everyone has already heard of the famous Doctor Love (Will Smith). A love coach, an expert on women, the man who has the power to transform any of his clients into a unique person in the eyes of the one he seeks to conquer. How to approach your lover when he is constantly surrounded, how to show him that you are there, how to kiss him at the end of the day? Hitch has a good oil system for all of these cases and has always managed to keep his contracts.

Because of his quality services, billed as it is necessary to look at his apartment, only a few privileged people, selected, have the right to meet him and find out his true identity. In this regard, Doctor Love rejects clients who are not looking for true love.

PLAIN : Great paradox, Alex, who has created a romance business, no longer believes in love himself. However, when a journalist, as she is ridiculed, enters her life (Eva Mendes), she knows that her methods, perfect for others, never work in her own case …

United International Pictures (UIP)


Company identity: Lacuna
Job : Remembrance Technicians
Specialty : Erasing painful memories from the memory of its clients

You have to think about it, Dr. Mierzwiak, creator of the clinic Lacuna, did it. His business is to have heartbreaking and painful memories that he promises to carry away forever. Thanks to a complicated process, he can erase from your memory a complicated love story and every memory, good or bad, lives with the loved one. A technical process that, once started, cannot be disrupted.

Flat: Apparently there is a limit to this radical process … A human limit. Not just company employees Lacuna far from reliable, but Mierzwiak has no solution to true love. Some customers (like Joël, alias Jim Carrey), who make the decision to erase their memories in a hurry, regret their choice and ultimately want to preserve or recover their precious memories …

Legend Cast

Mathias from BREAK FOR ALL

Company identity: love is dead
Job : Actor in love separation
Specialty: Leave instead those who want to avoid getting their hands dirty

Are you tired of your partner, your spouse or do you want to break up with the guy or girl you met yesterday? But, lack the desire or courage to face them? Mathias Lonisse, young entrepreneur, has a solution for you: his company love is dead. For adequate compensation, he will take care of this heavy burden for you. His methods were effective and, most of all, Mathias and his employee Juliette, did things without hesitation and did not endure torture. When it’s over, it’s over and it’s easier for future exes to understand that they’re being dumped by someone other than their “dear half”. Note that, for the most active among you, love is dead offers a membership card.

PLAIN : When the break-up was related to his own parents, the employer love is dead can no longer consider his work in such a cold and separate way …

Universal Pictures International France


Island: Alex, co-founder of the company “Divorce of the couple
professional fraudster
Specialty: Save one of your loved ones from a girlfriend who doesn’t deserve her

Along with his sister and his brother-in-law, Alex (Romain Duris) runs a small company that comes to the rescue of women who are trapped, sometimes unknowingly, in scheduled love activities. so that they may suffer. At the request of a family member or close friend, the small team embarks on a spy mission to find out all about their next target. Movies, songs, love … Alex collects all the information about the woman he is cheating on. Because yes, Alex also gave of himself because he, on the team, was responsible for persuading the target to open his eyes to his current relationship.

PLAIN : Like any professional, Alex sets himself an important rule: don’t attack a contented woman whose couple is fulfilled as much as possible. A rule he can no longer follow when he meets Juliette (Vanessa Paradis).


Island: Mária
wedding planner
Specialty: Make it the happiest day of your life … Truly the happiest day of your life!

The best wedding planner is him. Mary, who works for a company that specializes in organizing successful ceremonies, aspires to climb the ladder. To fulfill his ambitions and prove to his employer that he can be a partner in the company, he works tirelessly and non-stop. Dance lessons, choosing flowers, choosing the appropriate place according to the profile of the bride and groom, table plan, endless time spent with the future bride and groom … for her clients. His guarded word is perfection …

PLAIN : Mary sometimes falls in love with the bridegroom! Especially if he’s with Matthew McConaughey.

Five companies that deserve to exist in real life:

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