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Chantal Lauby, everyone knows her! Revealed on Canal + alongside Les Nuls, chain of films and accomplishments, the actress recently starred in the successful trilogy What We Did to God. But do you know Lili?

Nathalie Dunand: Chantal Lauby, thank you first of all for telling us about Lili. Info-chalon often repeats stories that unite a master and his pet. So, how did Lili come into your life?

Chantal Lauby: Oh that! I owe it to Jenn, girl! [Jennifer Ayache, la chanteuse du groupe pop rock français Superbus NDLR]. I always have dogs. But when my former dog died – a Labrador cross spaniel – I waited 10 years, I no longer had the heart to suffer another loss. And Lili arrived unexpectedly.
Jenn is the one he finds at a SPA. He is only 2 months old. He was so small, “gray-haired”, like a rat! (laughs) Mixture of Jack Russel and Dachshund. The first time Jenn showed it to me, I exclaimed: what is this thing? I hugged him and then, voila, good! Ferree! I take it everywhere.

NA: Lili in Paris, isn’t it complicated?

Chantal Lauby: Not really. I took him to the ports of the Seine, to the islands, in Boulogne with friends who also have their dog. We do our 4 walks a day. He was the one who set me free, in fact.

There is a very beautiful book by Jean-Louis Fournier called Thanks WHO? Thanks, my dog. It is a very gentle eulogy of the relationship between a dog and his master. I knew myself in his words.

NA: Yes, there are on the one hand some people who find the connection between a master and his dog funny and, on the other hand, big names – Voltaire, Hugo, Claudel, Houellebecq and others – who agreed that the dog woke ourselves up. people …

Chantal Lauby: Yes that’s exactly it. When I shop, I don’t go to department stores, I prefer to go to my caterer to receive Lili. He was lying at my feet and not moving. However, sometimes I can hear people yelling “I think dogs aren’t allowed in stores!” You know, in a pinched tone, don’t tell me. Without even the slightest bit of humanity right. These are probably the rare times that I give freedom of my anger. If you think about it, are human feet cleaner than a dog’s feet? I let you imagine… I have no patience for this kind of people, which is always bad.

Unfortunately many hotels refuse dogs just because some guests complain. We should be able to vacation anywhere with our dog right?

And when I think of people who have to separate their animal to get into an EHPAD… Sad! However, we have long known the soothing effect of animals on our psychic balance, on our memory, and beyond! These are all additional reasons for dropout.

NA: Do you take Lili anywhere, even in your shoots?

Chantal Lauby: Yes, sometimes it is specified in contracts. I took mine caution: I hired someone to pick up Lili when I was filming. I managed him, making no waves. In the end Good God [Qu’est-ce qu’on a tous fait au Bon Dieu, NDLR], Lili is the mascot! Everyone knows him! Clavier calls him “the bestiasse” (laughs).

This is how Lili guides her life as a star, not leaving her mistress for a while!

And he definitely received caresses from the actors! In any case, he did well. No wonder, if one is surrounded by Chantal Lauby’s constant love!

Interview by Nathalie Dunand
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