Justine and Vincent at their worst, their shocking separation!

Vincent has a turbulent history Love is in the pasture. However, everything started out well for the farmer. Granted, the handsome brunette was spoiled for choice, but not everything went as planned by her suitors…

Love is in the pasture : Vincent reaches the balance of very good company…

Vincent, the Provencal from Love is in the pasture chose to invite two beautiful young women to the farm. Natacha and Afsa, two beautiful brunettes, are very different. In fact, the first is younger, flexible and adaptable while the second is older, independent and has character. As the days passed, the farmer decided to choose Natacha. Afsa left angrily in the middle of the night. Well off their romance, Vincent visits his beloved’s family and he meets his relatives. But, very quickly, the handsome brunette noticed that there was a change of mind…

Vincent, a mixed record of Love is in the pasture

So, he decides to let Natacha know that he sees no future with the young woman. Internet users dismissed him and felt he was mocking Natacha. Thus, he ended the adventure as a bachelor, without either of the two opponents by his side and completely hated on social networks. However, to the great surprise of the audience, Vincent arrived accompanied by a new brunette on the balance sheet of Love is in the pasture. An unexpected turn of events. Justine is the one he met through social networks. Vincent’s subscribers are happy to follow his daily life with the heritage manager. Lovers seem to be in their little cloud.

A separation announced on social networks

Alas, their story didn’t last very long. In fact, the former candidate for season 16 of Love is in the pasture announced his separation from Justine on Wednesday May 11 on his account instagram. He posted the following message: Unfortunately, I have to announce this sad news, because I received so many messages about my relationship with Justine ”.

Vincent continues: Now life has decided that our paths will part. We are not angry and I hope to return to such good times one day. I believe in life and I hope the days are happier. I now tell my children and my horses my life ”.

Back to the singles market!

The former farmer Love is in the pasture His post ended with a sweet message to his former partner: “Justine you will remain for me a person of great significance”. In any case, we can say that the channel broadcast M6 not a success for Vincent, either during or after filming! Surprisingly, the farmer Love is in the pasture deleted his post a few days later. So, now, is the beautiful brunette once again a heart to take? Fans can always try to contact him! In any case, we hope he succeeds in finding a soul mate.

As a reminder, the chain M6 filmed season 17 images of Love is in the pasture, Mondays on February 14 and February 21. In fact, Karine Le Marchand went to meet the new faces of the 2022. program. Once again, the cast promises some nice surprises. In fact, the 13 candidates on the show are very different from each other. On the clock, there were nine men and four women aged 25 to 72 years. We don’t know the exact release date of the mail opening and speed dating, but in general, you’ll have to wait until the end of the summer and the start of the new school year to see- see in the early stages.

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