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With Places called Medina in France, the rapper from Le Havre, once again, did not utter his words. Along the way, he determined what, according to him, could define a strong “French identity” in its various populations. At a time when far -right rhetoric and xenophobic words have become commonplace, a thoughtful and engaging album …

RFI Musique: in what state of mind did you compose this disc?
Medina: I worked there for a year and a half, in this atmosphere of crisis, this climate of security, exhausted by all the “political” topics and debates that are many of the contours of a “French identity”. These controversies are accompanied by a trivialization of Islamophobic and racist discourse on TV sets, in the media and in the intellectual spaces … So, throughout this record, I try to bring my own definition of what “ being French “. How do I feel French? How do I, Medina, who is Algerian, take root? Everyone, in the end, may waste their personal idea… But what values ​​do we connect? What identity project can we think of that would cover all the diversity of the population that is here?

What French values ​​do you associate, exactly, Medina?
For me, being French means having a sharp critical sense, cultivating self-esteem, even disrespect, nurturing your provocative side, almost BOUNDARY… For me, French identity starts with culture, and unconditional love of language. I feel French like French poets and singers, like Brassens, Renaud… Moreover, these two are fiercely marginal, a thousand leagues from the dominant discourses. They throw cobblestones into the pool of religious and judicial systems …

And like Serge Gainsbourg, you are diverted The MarseillaiseThe
Yes, I ask again the question of some dusty concepts that deserve, in my opinion, a change, without dismissing their unifying side. My goal is not to spit on France and its totems … But to target nationalists who fit these symbols and divide the country.

on Places called Medina in Franceyou face it all: France, Algeria, Dubai…
I confront nationalists of all races, the over -nationalists who, more royal than kings, exclude part of the population. In this plurality of perspectives, which have fed the debate, some “Republican guarantees” and other “researchers” have traditionally reframed the reflections … In my opinion, the problem now is that the intellectuals, the journalists, those whose population has a right to expect a good step of retreat, are now draping themselves in militant and biased postures. No one puts the ball back in the middle. Everyone arouses their own emotions and motivates others…

Is this a part that explains, in your opinion, the current divisions of France and the difficulty of forming a nation?
Yes! The drama of our time is that “pseudo-experts” deserve time to speak to the media and influence people. The masses re-use their estimates to shape their idea of ​​politics, of society. emptiness upon emptiness, noise and anger, division … It takes a lot of personal effort to get through all this chaos. Art allows you to question the world. And I use rap to get this required distance …

In previous elections, you have revealed your voting intentions: Mélenchon then Macron… Why does this seem important to you? Because once again, xenophobic discourse is normalizing. They have become attractive topics in the major media, using their “putaclic” side. And here they are taken like wildfire in the fachosphere. Since 2002, my political conscience, like most, has been established solely against the FN.

Your challenges have given you problems, especially the cancellation of a Bataclan, after this verse of Don’t lie down : “Let us crucify secularists like Golgotha”The
Yes, it’s a challenge as part of an art project. The anger of some people has become different. Since then, as for me, I have been the target of verbal and physical violence: some identity groups have come to my concerts to prevent them from being performed. I received death threats, planning to attack me. But the strongest remains symbolic violence, if we classify all Muslims as a mass of people without sensitivity and without nuance …

In one of your titles, you state this saying badly: Happy as an Arab in France “… Do you see the situation getting worse?
True uniformity, diversity in positions of responsibility, does not exist. Thrombinoscopes in some media, in the National Assembly, confirm this. Statistics say that. 50 or 60 years ago, my family landed in France. Since then, nothing has changed. On the contrary! Mentally, heavy. And then, if you’re from a popular neighborhood, you should forget about this possibility of raising yourself socially …

You come out again, as with every record, a Son of Destiny… Why?
In each album, through a new or historical topic, I tell the sad fate of a child victim of adult politics. For these titles, I do a real journalistic, documentary, FINDING, to avoid being overestimated: my political and humanitarian duty… In this disc, I talk about the migration of children. I live in the Channel. Thirty migrants drowned there in November. And England and France send money … awesome!

How do you view today’s rap?
For me, there is a new golden age. I don’t find myself in the lyrics, but I really admire the techniques, melodies, music, volume…. There is now a kind of collegiality between beatmakers and rappers. Suddenly, young people challenge me, I take the risk of staying in twoI believe in songs… I tried to make a new skin, reboot…

Among your political texts, there are also intimate titles… including a love song!
On this record, I have SHOWS with myself. on SHOWS with the little youth I was twenty years ago, and also my future. I’m talking about my fatherhood, my kids. I am a person involved in my personal life. For example, I have been with the same woman for twenty-four years. And among the great commitments of my career, this is what makes me most proud: of not betraying this bond.

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The Médine has started a tour across France and will be heading to the Casino de Paris on 10/19/22.

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