“Condominium trustees: Into a new era of customer relations”, Lucie de La Seiglière

For Lucie de La Seiglière, Digital Solutions Product Manager at Quadient, trustees need to rethink their communication in a broader way.

In a sector that still carries a negative image of its customers, condominium managers are increasingly looking to change to fight the new digital competition and constantly improve customer satisfaction. A critical aspect that should lead trustees to rethink their communication more broadly.

Competition from neo-trustees and the 100% digital model

Like many other major sectors, the world of condominium trustees is also not immune to the digitalization phenomenon. We are thinking in particular of emerging neo-trustees who offer a 100% digital experience. Recently new to the market, they have attracted more and more owners, tired of the hourly handling of requests within the traditional players of the sector. However, the influence of neo-syndics is still limited to small lots and the lack of human contact, inherent in their operation, confirms a model that is not designed for everyone.

In fact, trustees of historic co-ownerships still hold a major share of this market and to avoid a huge flight of their customers, they need to modernize and launch digital shift their activities. However, maintaining a strong close relationship with co-owners is still important, especially when almost 66% of them believe that being a 100% digital trustee is a bad idea according to in the CLCV-Notre temps barometer. All-digital is not popular anywhere, especially in a sector where the service provided involves legal issues that deserve more or less close contact with the trustee.

Personalizing the customer relationship, a must

Even today, only 49% of owners say they are content with their trust according to the same barometer. A number, at first glance, less encouraging but increased by 2 points compared to 2016. Among the majority of dissatisfied people, lack of communication is one of the criteria that comes up most often. Whether it is a lack of response or a relationship concern among members of the syndicate management, these elements converge and create customer dissatisfaction. And competition from digital players in this aspect is now leading the sector to prioritize the customer experience.

In other words, syndicates should emphasize their efforts to personalize customer relations based on the benefits of digitalization. Dematerialization of some documents thus makes it possible to reduce costs and save time in the day-to-day handling of administrative documents. By completing the manual processing of these tasks, employees can concentrate on missions with higher added value and especially faster response to the common needs of fellow owners (construction management and etc.). Syndicates thus gain flexibility and adapt to the needs of fellow owners depending on whether they want, for example, documents to be sent in paper or digital format. Having this range means being able to respond to a wide range of owner partners, from the most convenient digital profiles to the likes of more traditional processes.

Support trustees in their digitization

If not necessary at all levels, digitalization brings about positive changes and allows you to really give yourself time to develop closeness to fellow owners. Major market players have to rely on this hybrid model to give weight to human contact than strengthen their processes related to traceability of documents and improve compliance with legal deadlines.

However, marking the advantages of digitalization is not enough to make it more legitimate for all professionals in the field. Trustees of historic co-ownership sometimes rely on an organization that is less modern but to which they are accustomed. And even if we consider co-owners who want to change, others, sometimes older, are less likely to see these changes. So the goal is to make this transition gradual and to support the trustees in this regard. And whatever else is said, digitizing this sector is important, as is following a social event to ensure its survival.

Lucie de La Seiglière, Digital Solutions Product Manager at Quadient

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