Carcassonne: Louna Boumaza will pass the Bac in Thailand

Elected by the French committee of the NGO United World Colleges in March, the high school student already knew he would continue his studies in Phuket. Excited to embark on this two-year adventure, the 17-year-old hopes to inspire other young people.

As the holidays approach, Louna Boumaza is waiting for only one thing: back to school. Farewell for his Carcassonne and Paul Sabatier high school. It was in Phuket, on the campus of United World Colleges (UWC) in Thailand, that the woman would return to class on August 15. Or nearly 10,000 kilometers from her original establishment, and her relatives.

“Of course, we miss him, but the most important thing is his happiness”, introduces his parents, Franck and Christine. The 17-year-old, for his part, struggled to control his excitement. Elected by the French committee of the NGO UWC along with 16 other Frenchmen in March, he only recently learned that he would spend the next two years in Thailand, along with another young man his age, who was from in Corsica. “The campus is so large, and the courses offered are so varied, it’s not easy to choose”is Luna.

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Eventually he focused his views on mathematics, chemistry and physics as his main subjects, supported by courses in English literature, Mandarin and geopolitics. All are taught in English, and are supplemented by small humanitarian missions. A training “long flight” which his father said was the equivalent “perfect” at the level of his daughter. “She’s brilliant”, assured this truck driver. The mother, a nursery education assistant, nodded. From the broadcast to the TV report that allowed her daughter to discover UWC, Christine supported her. “In this report, I see my daughter“, He confessed, acted.

To achieve his ambition of “to train high school students to be able to concretely understand the challenges of the world and be able to take action to improve them”, the network of international high schools thus relies on young people aged 16 to 17 showing a “willingness to participate in society, intellectual curiosity and openness to others, maturity, strong motivation and great adaptability”. Although “very severe stress“During the selections, Louna seemed to mark most of the boxes.

“The jury appreciated his sense of empathy and service, his openness to others, his charisma and his remarkable maturity at his age”, says on his UWC France Instagram account. Qualities that allowed him to win a full scholarship: all of his tuition, accommodation and meals were covered by UWC, thanks to a generous donor.

“This is a wonderful opportunity”, repeated the teenager, all smiles. With an estimated cost of 76,000 euros over two years, this scholarship is welcome. “Without UWC, it would be impossible for us to achieve this dream.note his parents. Even if we do anything for our daughter. “ He who felt bad in high school, in crowded classes, now his dream of discovering the world is about to come true. “I’ve known for a long time that I wanted to leave. But the teachers and guidance counselors all told me to wait until the Bac was over. To believe that Erasmus was only there as a tool.” So Louna hopes to give way to others. By talking as much as possible about his experience, starting with students at his former college, Bastion. It was also a way for him to put an end to the premeditated idea that UWC establishments were formed. “a school for the rich”.

She and her parents already understand the UWC network as such “the family”. The three find them “mabination”, and “unite with each other even after their training”. Franck specially assured management and security guaranteed, elements that dispelled his last doubt about his daughter’s departure, on Aug. 5.

While preparing the final details, Louna was excited to meet her colleagues, who were from all over the world. And already dreaming at the doors that this international baccalaureate and this prestigious school could open for him. For example at Yale. Another challenge he wants to complete is to become a neurosurgeon, or an aerospace doctor.

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