YouTube sees ‘incredible potential’ in blockchain, metaverse, NFTs and Web 3.0

A series of statements from YouTube barons about the company’s new directions for NFTs, Web 3.0, blockchain and the metaverse illustrate a titanic project that has come to an end. Neal Mohan, through a blog post published on Thursday, gives a preview of what will happen in 2022.

Approach new technologies responsibly

At the end of January, we reported on Cointribune, the words of Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube, Web3 and the possible adoption of NFTs on the platform. The first will act as source of inspiration for the California box, and the second will serve as new ways of interacting for fans, becoming an additional source of revenue for later.

Neal Mohan, as Product Manager at YouTube, had to talk to Dame Wojcicki at length about it. This is why he sees opportunities and great potential there.

Here’s how he supported the idea:

There is a lot to consider to ensure that we approach these new technologies responsibly, but we believe there is also tremendous potential. »

In his article, the Chief Product Officer from YouTube shows a list of cutting-edge products, tools, and features rolling out in 2022. Many of them are related to the metaverse, web 3.0 technology, blockchain, and NFTs.

This is to prove to its partners that YouTube is always active and that its leaders are able to promise them new forms of support and options. In fact, NFTs can help video creators generate new interior ideas or sniff out successful platform projects.

So Neal Mohan explains these opportunities:

Web3 also opens up new opportunities for creators. We believe that new technologies like blockchain and NFTs will allow creators to create deeper relationships with their fans. Together, they will be able to collaborate on new projects and raise money in ways that were not possible before. »

In practice, what does it provide?

Fortunately, N. Mohan is not stingy with the details of his post. Otherwise, let’s just meditate. Thus, he gives a few lines of the most fashionable concepts, namely:

– NFT:

Thanks to this technology, creators will be able to tokenize their videos, photos, artwork, experiences…

There’s a lot to consider to make sure we approach these new technologies responsibly, but we think there’s also tremendous potential.“, He wrote.

– Metaverse:

Virtual reality in his eyes is a new way to consider and take advantage of content, especially games, where YouTube will begin to conquer the metaverse.

Finally, we can’t talk about innovation without mentioning the Metaverse! We were thinking of how to make the viewing more immersive. The first place where you can expect to see an impact is play, where we work to bring a lot of interaction to games and make them feel more alive.»

Yes, like most of us, this product manager doesn’t want to separate the metaverse of innovation. IMPOSSIBLE, by the way.

Regarding the outcome of this project, he thinks the patient is well. So, he said “it’s early, but we can’t wait to see how we can make these virtual worlds a reality for viewers“.

thehatersno effect on YouTube

This big step taken by platform giant Google is in a way a mockery of rival camps that are only sowing public negativity about the virtual world. Some big boxes like Ubisoft, Discord or Team17 have already paid the costs, unfortunately.

Here is their small list of recurring accusations about NFTs:

– coin holder;

– ilad;

– damage to the environment;

– and so on.

Adam Smith, one of their spokespersons who writes for The Independent (UK), and not a prominent theoretician in the division of labor, did not hesitate to rebuke the disrespectful side surrounding this project.

With his anti-NFT words in his article, he posted it on Twitter:

A YouTube spokesperson told me that they haven’t shared yet about the many environmental damage caused by NFT, even if Google is “dedicated to sustainability,” so that’s good.»

In the absence of a satisfactory explanation from YouTube executives, he urged employees of this video platform, and also of Google, to blow their dissatisfaction towards him to produce an article.

Maybe it’s time to say loudly and clearly through the media that the mechanismProof-of-Stakefar aheadProof-of-Workin terms of energy consumption. And that a large number of channels operating on this eco-friendly basis now host NFTs.

Source: Independent; Cointelegraph

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