With I Love Dick, Amazon once again bet on the creator of the acclaimed Transparent

From the height of her 20 years in business, Jill Soloway is no longer new to television. And yet, it has long been underestimated. A feminist, fond of letters as well as the camera, Soloway found herself… before finding herself with Transparent and Amazon. The giant trusted him for a new series, I Love Dick.

Transparent is, without a doubt, the best series ever made by Amazon to date. More than any other original project of the e-commerce giant, this drama has yet another theme that unites millions of viewers around the world.

Critically recognized and rewarded, the series will eventually be bought by many publishers, allowing Amazon to make a huge return on this investment. heart stroke.

An investment we made as we promised to return to an old glory, because if Jill Soloway offered the giant on her pitch, she would no longer be the rising star of HBO making sure Six Feet Down to bite it.

She has left the world of TV and seems to have avoided big plans since her rocky relationship. United States in Tara. While she took advantage of this early retirement to invest in her feminist activism and her literary works, her personal story inspired her with the idea of ​​a show about her family.

He who already has the writing and tactics needed to deal with these topics he is also a master of bookstores (Little Girls in Shiny Pants, autobiographical novel) than on the screen of his dramatic productions, embarking on the crazy project of adaptation – without voyeurism – the trans release of his own father. Thus was born Transparent.

Amazon then had a budget to fund the upcoming SVoD series and, luckily, the giant quickly won Solloway’s project. The check, almost blank, from Jeff Bezos was signed and in 2014, Transparent broke the screen, wrapped up the critics and assured Amazon of being an Emmys choice venue. A great success story.

But Amazon like Jill seem to find each other well: one’s courage ensures the other’s trust. And where channels can get tired and fail the director, the streaming service is hospitable and generous. Transparent thus the times proceed unimpeded, with no budget cuts and the quality remains in meeting. In short, it’s a working duo.

Dick and bovarysm

Who walks to the point of calling for repeated violations of I like dick, the next Amazon series from Jill Soloway. But if the title scares you, let’s break the secret right away, the French translation of it doesn’t I like chicken and I love Dick. Small, but effective.


The show features a couple who move to live in dark areas of Texas to follow the artistic work of an amazing and mysterious professor whose name is none other than Dick. This is Dick, with his redneck look from Walker Texas, played by a charismatic and poisonous Kevin Bacon.

Once again comprised of autobiography and fiction, this new series written by Soloway makes no secret of his play: Chris is an independent film director living in the shadow of her husband, Sylvère, with numerous successes in academia – all the similarities in Jill’s life are (almost) unbelievable. -until the day that love in its most rigid form, obsession, can dazzle our hero to the point of creating a love triangle with very psychological contours.

Freely adapted from the feminist monument by Chris Kraus (published by Flammarion), the series aims to present, like the novel, the question of the place of women in the modern couple in the face of their ambitions, desires and freedom. A modern, cynical and powerful bovarysm then? Start response in May.

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