Mother’s Day gift, an imposed school number?

Noodle necklace or bracelet with polymer clay beads, heart-shaped photo frame or camembert jewelry box filled with shells… Gifts we couldn’t possibly love! What mother has not shed her tears listening to some verses of unconditional love recited for her, on Mother’s Day morning, by the wonder of her life?

However, not all mothers will attend the wedding on Sunday, depending on whether their child’s master or mistress remains faithful to the tradition – Mother’s Day on May 29, Father’s Day on June 19 – or if preferred he changed the name in favor of a “Parents. ‘Day”, or even a “Party of the people we love”, arbitrarily set to a median date.

An adaptation, left at the discretion of the teachers – the Ministry of National Education did not issue instructions on the subject – following the social changes.

Single moms, gay parents, blended families …

“The solo family model no longer exists,” says Julie, a teacher in the Vannes region. “We have students living in a single-parent home, some in mixed families, others in an alternating system of care, one week in one, one week in another. Unfortunately, we also have cases of children who have lost their father or mother, or who have lost sight of one or the other.Some, under child welfare, live with foster families.Some are homosexual. parents and therefore have two fathers or two mothers ”.

There are so many scenarios that, over time, have transformed the gift of Mother’s Day (and that of Father’s Day) into a puzzle worthy of a philosophical test. “We walk on egg shells. Sometimes, it’s better to do nothing, than to risk a mistake for a child to experience this situation badly by emphasizing his or her difference, ”Margaux said.

For whom is this beautiful bouquet of hearts?

For whom is this beautiful bouquet of hearts? (Photo CB)

For kids living in mixed families, we have gifts made in duplicate!

Mother’s Day gift, an imposed school number?

(Photo GG)

Gaëlle and her colleagues, of Lannion (22), abandoned the idea of ​​a time-consuming gift, in favor of a card for each of the two parents, related to the learning provided by the program. . “In cycle 3, students themselves write their poem in rhyme, with their own words, and make their hexabelle – a flower -shaped pocket that opens and closes – according to the rules of geometry “, explained t -she. A child, whose father has died, will be offered to place the plastic card in his grave or, if he wishes, offer it to his grandfather. “You have to always be in dialogue, so that no child is left behind”, testifies Céline, of Plouigneau (29), who can’t fail to rack up her brain every year to find gift ideas. new and adapted solutions. “Even if, for children living in recomposed families, they will do things double!»

Educational tool and source of motivation

Parents, first, seem to be heavily involved in tradition. “Last year, due to delays due to locks, CP colleagues did not have time to prepare a Mother’s Day gift. Scandal and public outcry!” Recalls Valérie, a teacher at Finistère.Caroline, recently assigned to the Côtes-d’Armor, confirms: “In my former establishment, because of orphaned children of a father or mother, we chose gifts from families to offer to loved ones which he has chosen. Dissatisfied parents prefer to change the school of their children! »

Overall, the school’s teachers emphasized the qualities of the Mother’s Day gift made in class, both an “educational tool”-nothing like learning while having fun-and a “resource to encourage “for children. For this the biggest secret!

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This year, in this kindergarten class (we didn’t tell you which, it’s a secret!), Moms are entitled to a homemade body scrub!

This year, in this kindergarten class (we didn’t tell you which, it’s a secret!), Moms are entitled to a homemade body scrub! (Image VM)

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