Love True: The March Bar of Romance Movies

You know me, “controversy” is my middle name, I won’t back down. And just because we’re in the middle of the holiday season doesn’t mean I’m going to rest. So let’s make a bold statement: I love the movie Love Really.

Posted on December 29 2017

Patrick Lagace

Yes, I’m talking about this romantic comedy released in 2003, which tells the love stories of a dozen characters whose paths end-or not-by intersecting, not to say conflict. .

Yes, I’m talking about the marshmallow movie with Hugh Grant as a British PM flirting with his deputy while putting in his place a President of the United States (Billy Bob Thornton) who is a hair’s breadth away from being arrested. women by pussy, Colin. Firth as a cuckold writer who falls in love with his Portuguese cleaning lady and an English couple whose name is forgotten in history, but meets on the set of an XXX movie. Ah, I forgot the declaration of love from a schoolboy to a schoolgirl, in defiance of airport security …

Mr. Bean. I didn’t sell you the punch.

Love Really is a film not to drink if not watched during the holidays, during the year when we reflect on our sins, the hope for a new year ahead and the power of love, romantic or inigsoon. Love Really to happen in July? I would never have watched it.

I like it Love Reallybut Richard Curtis ’film (Notting Hill, Bridget Jones) has given acne to millions of people. So, every December, especially in the Anglosphere, this annual debate arises: for or against Love Really ?

photo courtesy of Universal Pictures

Keira Knightley and Andrew Lincoln at Love Really

photo courtesy of Universal Pictures

Bill Nighy on Love Really

You can find on Google 47,000 pages with the words ” I hate Love Actually », An undeniable sign that the film has more detractors than the films Hot dogs, Les Boys 22hope Star Wars – Revenge of the Clones .

BuzzFeed posted “22 Reasons Why Love Really bad movie ”and The Atlantic This film has been called “the least romantic of all time”, which is shocking. I think it’s more about a couple scuba divers rejecting shark attacks throughout the film. And who will eat, in the end. In the category “Christmas movies”, Love Reallycan also be in a race to the bottom of the barrel.

Personally, I don’t care, I assume and I assume myself: I like it Love Really , first and foremost because it had good luck that put me in a good mood. I try to listen to it every year, between Christmas and New Year.

Let’s not ignore the power of a good soundtrack here. If the movie is marshmallow, the soundtrack is a generous dollop of Nutella. Yes, the film pulls without finesse all the strings that have the gift of activating the activity of the lacrimal glands, but this is one of the beauties of this choral film: it is not subtle. This is the Mars bar of love movies.

There have been critical analyzes circulating over the web for several years ruling that the famous scene in which the man (Andrew Lincoln) shows up at the door of his best friend’s house (Chiwetel Ejiofor) to confess his love for the later wife (Keira Knightley) doesn’t deserve …

True, but not as unprecedented in the history of male-female relationships that a man falls in love with an unreachable woman, as does his best friend girlfriend/wife/wife. I would even dare to say that the opposite is true: there are women who fall in love with the boyfriend/wife/husband of their best friend. Fortunately it was only in the movies that one of the parties expressed this love under the cover of Christmas songs.

Personally, after a year of working with my head, analyzing, dissecting and auscultating current activities, I want to trust my heart during the holidays. That’s how I look Love Really : with my heart, ladies and gentlemen.

And by the end of the movie, I was attracted and still touched by guts of Daniel, who went to find Joanna at the gate of her escape to tell her that he loved her. Anyone who has killed his love vibrates a little, sees the t-ass running to the terminal, the cops on his heels …

I like itLove Reallybecause it transforms the complexity of love fjords and mountains into completely melting sagas that are found, for the most part, perfectly happy resolutions, all in 2 hours 25 minutes.

After all, the film is over, the holidays are over, real life replaces all the complexity that is in itself …

I go out for a walk and, of course, the snowplow bury my cart, I have a hole in my glove, and love is a constant change, always frustrating thing with no soundtrack to step on me.

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