Love Season 1: A Failed Love Story

Often, love stories are about people who are meant to be together. As poisonous as they are around them, they are from Jimmy and Gretchen You Are The Worst ruin the lives of others, next. Produced by Lesly Arkins and Judd Appatow, love interested in relationships today, in an eternally connected and selfish world, where people know how to interact on their smartphone better than their peers. It also changes the genre of rom combecause Mickey (Gillian Jacobs) and Gus (Paul Rust) are completely not made to be together.

This point represents a small flaw in the series. How can we be involved in the adventures of two people who are clearly better off without each other? At some point they act like a couple, both Gus and Mickey have a bad time.

What can do love on the other hand, it is to present us with very complex characters. Gus is very nice, and Rust’s interpretation has something to do with it. He appears to the pilot playing the beautiful human archetype, except that we gradually realize Gus’s hypocrisy. However, he remained kind because he did not dare to assume his positions. It’s very fake, and Gus has a terrible internal struggle not to go on the dark side.

For his part, Mickey didn’t know what he wanted. Basically lost in life, he tries to understand it by researching the concept of love. He remains weak, rude and unsure of his convictions, and he doesn’t react well to the kindness of others, simply because he is unfamiliar with the concept. In fact, one has the impression of attending one spin off centered on Britta, the character of community played by Gillian Jacobs.

The trumpet of love Her name is Bertie (Claudia O’Doherty), Mickey’s roommate. He’s not just Gus, fake good; he is the epitome of kindness and good humor, and the writers treat that as a force. While extreme kindness is often considered a weakness or an easy way to ridicule people, here the series elevates it to the greatest human qualities.

It has to be said that the protagonists of this show are not many. That became borderline depressing after a while. It is therefore difficult to participate in the evolution of character incarnations with flaws in the legs. It’s interesting how the person you think you know – Gus the nice guy and Mickey the cool girl – is actually far from that vision really. These two sides are beautifully highlighted by Rust and Jacobs ’interpretations, both well. In addition, the entire cast of love turned out to be of good quality.

In fact, love more focused on humor than its plot. Gus and Mickey’s adventures in their respective jobs never succeed in being interesting or engaging. It’s more obvious on Gus ’side where the characters in his work are just serious, eliminating any desire to follow what happens in life in a TV series.

On the other hand, many moments are clearly ridiculous, denying the importance of situations. It undermines the series, because we thought it was really pointless. It carries a harmless feature: love turned out to be kind, no real biting. We smile with humor, some situations know how to surprise and the series progresses from stage to stage, benefiting from the process of indulgence-watching. However, it doesn’t offer anything new, it doesn’t bring anything else into the genre.

In the end, love is a harmless series that suffers a bit from the fact that its two main characters are completely unmade for each other. However, we had a good time up front, the episodes were always exhilarating and Claudia O’Doherty was a revelation. Now, the series has been renewed for a season 2. It is therefore necessary for the writers to take the extra risk of offering a catchy story, instead of just sympathy.

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