Just Another Love Story – 2007 movie

January 6, 2010

inside the house

1h 40min
Police officer,

Ole Bornedal

Ole Bornedal

Anders W. Berthelsen,
Rebecka Hemse,
Nikolaj Lie Kaas

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3.1 142 ratings including 36 reviews

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Jonas was a crime photographer and a family man until he found himself involved in a traffic accident, leaving a young woman, Julia, unconscious. hospital. When curiosity prompted the young man to visit her, he met the family of the young woman who had taken him as his fiancé, Sébastien. A task that Jonas can easily take on …

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Loic G

Loic G

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From Denmark, this amazing film really kept me from being unique from start to finish! Starting with his last scene, we hope to understand how the main character got there. Neither detective, nor drama, nor thriller, this film, little in the sense of “Don’t tell anyone”, captivates us when the hero starts to sink into trouble! Basically: after an accident, believing himself to be at fault, a man enters a woman’s life …

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Published on January 12, 2010

Already covered by awards, including one at Sundance, here is Danish director Ole Bornedal’s new film, known for his excellent The Night Watchman, which he himself has re-made in Hollywood. Just a love story is a strong and violent thriller, somewhat atypical. The story is introduced in pieces like a puzzle that gradually come together before our eyes as the story continues in its linearity. The script is very good, a …

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Published November 25, 2013

Actually, I watched this movie without knowing about it, so I watched it without even the slightest a priori. I have to say that I remained dissatisfied, never disappointed, but also not convinced. The atmosphere of the dark thriller in the background of the love story is good and the misunderstanding of this lie that surpasses its promoter makes me even more pleased. But I know that the last half hour was a little …

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Interesting thriller, especially in its first hour where sadness and mystery are laudably presented. But the filmmaker lost himself to phone twists, side effects and the use of the worst conventions. Too early, because it seems like the beginning of a transformation of Danish cinema and thrillers.

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Filming Secrets

It’s already an American remake in preparation

Marc Webb, director of the film (500) days together, expressed a desire to want to direct the remake of “Just another love story”. James Mangold is set to produce the film.

A race between america and denmark

Ole Bornedal is one of the most recognized worldwide directors in Denmark. In 1994, he made a name for himself in Le Veilleur de nuit (chosen for Cannes Critics ’Week), which he wrote and directed. Three years later, he directed the American remake with Ewan McGregor, Patricia Arquette, Josh Brolin and Nick Nolte. In 2002, Ole Bornedal commanded Dina, who has received numerous awards in Denmark and at international festivals.
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A bloody love story

The director reflects on his film: “I was trying to make an unbridled modern drama that, yes, is no longer on the rails but we can still recognize in the depths of our souls. It’s a bloody love story, yes, that’s what it is: a bloody love story.We filmed for ten weeks in a state of extreme enthusiasm.In Copenhagen, on the island of Funen and in Cambodia.And then most of us.
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  • Nordcap B.

    see videohttp: //hallokino.pl/zupelnie-i…Jonas was a crime photographer and a man who was with his family until he was involved in a road accident, which left a young wife, Julia, who lost consciousness in the hospital

  • Alexarod

    The synopsis is good, but the trailer takes away any desire to watch the movie, it already seems to go all over the place and the bad action … I hope I’m wrong.

  • Pascal37

    A very dark, cold and tragic thriller. A change of identity initially out of curiosity, then out of curiosity and finally out of change and love! One originality of the script and another originality of the specific game of Nordic films. We go to the essentials and we pull the emotion. A deliberately slow movie to take the time to ask the right questions. 4/5 for originality !!!

  • beb.caro

    quite tall sometimes, but see

  • jo4

    Only one love story never mentioned any topic. It does not speak of love, nor of reason, nor of lies, nor of love, it is the contemplation of a man who is angry for fear that he is alone with himself. This is the same person, who by becoming different feels alive again. The story is tied in an interesting way and immersed in uplifting music, the film gains momentum with every shot. It’s just a shame that there is so little ending to the overall work. But aside from this detail, the film shines with convincing acting and ample production. In short, even if the film isn’t completely useless, it stays alert to the student until the final shot. A nice Danish surprise to start this year. Ratings: http: //le-7eme-art.over-blog.c …

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