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Doctor Jerry and Mister Love


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Professor Kelp is a very clumsy chemistry teacher. His lessons are more distracting than teaching. Secretly, he creates an elixir that transforms him into an attractive, confident crooner by the name of Buddy Love. This is doubly unkind, nor is the good manners of the professor. Very quickly, the latter has a hard time controlling it.

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In this film, the role of Jerry Lewis makes it possible to revisit Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde but in the sense of comedy. Jerry Lewis as a chemistry teacher, simple but not as crazy as you might think. After experimenting on his own, he suddenly changed and he became a heartthrob, he could confuse a student in his class. From those brief moments when he changed his character, it’s here that Jerry Lewis enjoys the …

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ER 9395

The Doctor Jekyll myth repeated by Jerry Lewis, the more successful it is.


In order for a film to qualify as a masterpiece, it must not be criticized. This is not the case in this film, some clumsy gags and Jerry Lewis’s teeth are very painful. the director’s character is strange, and the final mockery may benefit from the cut. There are also some contradictions in the course of the story (what if the hairy, handsome creature turned into a playboy?). Otherwise, a lot of good stuff, the …

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Louis Morel

From the great Jerry Lewis, both qualities and flaws …

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A triple hat

Jerry Lewis wore a triple hat of Doctor Jerry and Mister Love. He is a director, screenwriter and lead actor, not to mention that he is also the “unofficial” editor of his film …

Praised by the French

Concerning Jerry Lewis, French critic Robert Benayoun wrote: “I have considered Jerry Lewis, since the death of Buster Keaton, as the most famous comic book actor to date. He represents his time appearing and criticizing our civilization ”. As for Jean-Luc Godard, he said: “Jerry Lewis is the only American director to make progressive films; he is better than Chaplin and Keaton”. Finally, note that the director
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Adaptation of a classical literature

The feature film Doctor Jerry and Mister Love is a hilarious adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s short story The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde, a fantasy literature classic adapted multiple times for the big screen . Among these adaptations, we will retain the versions of Rouben Mamoulian (1932 – Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde) and Victor Fleming (1941 – Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde). Finally, note that Doctor
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