Customer Relations & Satisfaction Manager M/F

The company

Plüm energy (soon to be Octopus Energy France), a green electricity supplier. Its mission is to accelerate ecological change for individuals, businesses and communities. It is a government -recognized social utility company (ESUS).

Created in 2016 and after several phases of financing, Plüm Énergie is preparing this year to join the new and committed group Octopus Energy, to fight against global warming on a large scale. Octopus Energy is a British green energy supplier and producer, many times the “unicorn”, supplying 5 million customers worldwide. Their technology, Kraken, is transforming the energy market and ensuring customers save money while enjoying the best market experience.

The French subsidiary, which will soon be called Octopus Energy France, has nearly 100,000 customers to its credit and has already achieved great success, for example by winning the call for tenders from the city of Paris on three consecutive occasions. Parks, schools, museums, public lighting… Nearly 8,000 buildings and public facilities in Paris are already owned by Plüm. And the Canebière in Marseille, Plüm also lit it up!
Still continuing to develop the new sustainable energy system the group has developed, the next challenge for Octopus Groupe is to reach 100 million customers worldwide within 10 years.

Since the inception of Plüm Énergie, we have worked hard to provide truly unique, efficient and humane customer service.
The Operations team, which manages customer satisfaction, is therefore at the center of our strategy. In this context, and to support our strong growth, we want to strengthen the Operations team of enthusiastic people.


Concerned with energy transfer and enthusiastic about the idea of ​​helping your customers as much as possible, you can become a brand ambassador!
As a team, you support a portfolio of individual customers in managing their energy contract. Topics vary: activation of contracts, monitoring and advice on consumption, clarification of invoices or monthly payments, support for payment and social assistance, management of operations or even education on market details of energy and renewable energy. The
For this, you will be assisted by your colleagues from the departments of Operations, Tech or Finance, as well as the best tools at present 🙂 And you will grow into a fast -growing company and in an environment where everyone very fast!

### What are you going to do
* Represent the brand and help your individual customers by meeting their diverse and diverse needs by phone, email or through social networks, all at your personal touch!
* Support your individual customers in monitoring and reducing their energy consumption.
* Actively ensure that your clients ’contracts do not encounter problems. If so, look for solutions with your clients and partners to solve it.
* Identify areas for improving our service and our ways of doing things, and propose solutions.
* Help your teammates when they have difficulties.
* Participate in the development and growth of the Operations team on operational topics, recruitment, initial or ongoing training, etc.

### What you need
* You must be autonomous and responsible; if you grab a topic, you keep it to the end!
* You focus on your customers ’experience, always listen to them and want to find solutions to their possible problems.
* You have “impékable métrize du francé”, both orally and in writing. You also understand English and can have a simple conversation in Shakespeare’s language (we belong to an English group and some exchanges with our colleagues across the Channel are expected)
* You love and know how to work in a team.
* Your participation is no longer guaranteed, and you know how to resist stress, stay tight and organized even when there is the most activity or difficult cases. Put your work first, you know!
* You are curious and willing to put your nose in a complex sector like the energy sector, or on customer invoices with multiple numbers anywhere!
* You are genuine, friendly, and positive 🙂

At Plüm Énergie, we are looking for basic care and empathy people (M/F). Equal opportunity is important to us and we strive to provide an inclusive and fair work environment. We invite you to apply, regardless of your age, gender, married life, color, disability, pregnancy or parenting, background, religious beliefs or sexual orientation.

### Other reasons why you like this post

We are an organization where people learn, decide and build faster. Where they work independently, with unique people, on projects that are evolving. Capital incentive, flex-office, excellent mutual, soft mobility package … we want your hard work to be rewarded with the benefits you love!

We are looking for someone who enjoys solving difficult problems. Someone who can challenge those around them and challenge, while providing a fun experience for our customers. In addition, there are definitely opportunities for advancement in the short or medium term, for example to a Team Leader position within the Operations team.
If all this excites you, apply now!

The recruitment process:

1) a pre-interview by video (or by telephone) with a member of the Operations team
2) second face-to-face interview with Pierre, head of the Operations team, and another team member
3) a final interview still in the flesh with Marion, head of Operations, and Lancelot, co-founder

To apply, please apply directly to welcome in the jungle:

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