Carole and Steve split up, revealing the real reason

Carole, former farmer from Love is in the pasture is again in the singles market. In fact, she had a love affair with Steve that eventually ended in failure. He gave an interview to our colleagues from Pure man. So, we learn more about the real reasons for their breakup.

Carol (Love is in the pasture) confessed his separation from Steve

Carole is a kind former participant in the 2017 season of Love is in the pasture. We think the pretty brunette has finally settled on her couple she formed with Steve. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned. The farmer is kind enough to tell more about his separation from reporters in Pure man.

The engagement does not end with marriage

Carol that Love is in the pasture had a very serious relationship with Steve since the couple got married. However, there are ups and downs as he explains: “I adored him very much, but his behavior was hard to manage. I did everything to help him, but now that I realized I could no longer help him, it was up to him to find himself. It didn’t help, it was dripping and it is very difficult. »

In addition, there are several separations before the end: “She loves me, but she leaves me every six months, she comes back crying, I forgive her … Her trauma is also hard. At one point, I said stop to protect myself. It was very difficult for me. », said the pretty morena of Love is in the pasture.

The farmer of Love is in the pasture it is no secret that he still has feelings for her. “My heart is always part for him, but you have to stop at some point. It’s too far.» In any case, the young woman wishes him the best and especially that he will finally find joy and comfort: “Hopefully he has stabilized since then and someone can help him. It’s hard because I mention it in my book My Renaissance where I talk about my past life, and I have a partner in Scotland. That’s why I’m so attached to him. I had to rebuild myself in a different way. » So, he really wants to focus on himself and the new projects, especially the “ Reiki“.

Today, the candidate of Love is in the pasture saw a travel companion?

Carol that Love is in the pasture admitted that he had not found a shoe that fit him and he was very fit that way. In fact, he is “don’t seek love”. The beautiful brunette prefers to dedicate herself to her ambitions. In addition, he added that messages from possible suitors have also calmed down. In fact, he explained that it was especially during the Love is in the pasture. “I had 8,000 views on my site and 250 calls. It’s a bit complicated (laughs)”, he determined.

The candidate of Love is in the pasture still in contact with Karine Le Marchand and her former showmates. The reporters of Pure man He was also asked if he was ready to try the adventure again for next season. He replied: “Not now, I’m not ready yet. There I will think about my actions and my projects. Right now, my heart is not ready. It takes time to fix everything. I thought to myself once. » See you in a few months for the mail opening for season 17!

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