Bernard Diomède Academy, a model of education through sport

Diomede Academy is the name of the structure built by former footballer Bernard Diomede. Guadeloupean, legend AJ Auxerre and 1998 world champion decided to sacrifice his second life to the youth. A few days later, as every year, he gathered his friends, all the big names in football, for the good of his organization. The opportunity to meet a determined and visionary person.

A few days ago, Bernard Diomède, the coach of the France under-20 football team, opened his Blues roster for the prestigious Maurice-Revello International Tournament. But it was in Hauts-de-Seine, near Issy-Les-Moulineaux, that we saw the 1998 world football champion, around a round table devoted to social inclusion in the sport. Many professional players are there, including Kanak Christian Karembeu, Guadeloupeans Mickaël Ciani, Olivier Dacourt, and Martiniquais Frederic Piquionne.

Everyone took part in the Gala match between France 98 and Académie United. ” What Bernard Diomède did was very important. She is building a socio-educational project to bring children into this sporting but not just sporting logic. Education also goes through school, learning. Today we need to give these young people a chance to move on with life. I congratulate him on what he did “Said Habib Beye, there too.

Bernard Diomède listened intently to his friends while watching the public and the many colleagues arriving. He could hardly be seen with his hat broken on his head. No wonder because discretion was one of the Major’s qualities in the 2007/2009 class at the Center for Sports Law and Economics where he still works today as part of Master 2 “Law, Economics and Sports Management”.

For Christian Karembeu, there is no doubt that Bernard Diomède is an example and his Academy is a reference. The 1998 world champion has known Diomede Academy for over 10 years. ” Diomede Academy represents for me the traditional Kanak hut where there is a central pillar. This post is the ideas, the basic values ​​we need to respect. There are ropes that branch off the other poles and support the frame. Each entity in this square is primordial. Why I give this image is because the center post is the real values ​​of the Academy and the rest are the entities that frame this entity. Bernard is the leader of the clan. The principle of this box: it is education. A place where we can talk, exchange. Young people need to learn good manners, respect and humility before they can express themselves. »

In 2008 Diomede Academy opened its doors with a school group from Issy-Les-Moulineaux. Non-profit association marked by the French Football Federation and supported by the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports, the Bernard Diomède Academy gives young people from 6th to 12th grade the opportunity to join education and passion for football: 6,200 young people have been followed for fourteen years and have benefited from a triple education project: academic, sporting and social.

Former French international, Guadeloupean Luc Sonor is a big fan of Bernard Diomede’s work. ” No wonder ‘Diodio’ did. I like. He was a very attentive, inquisitive person. It tries to express values. He was interested in everyone and people. From one site in 2008 to six sites in the Paris region today (Marly-Le-Roi, Créteil, Villeparisis, Poissy, Rueil-Malmaison, Meaux and Issy-Les-Moulineaux), the Académie Diomède continues to grow . The first site outside the Île-de-France should open its doors in 2023. Even better, Bernard Diomède says he is ready ” to go abroad. We worked. Today, we set ourselves the goal of 2024 to go to Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyana, Reunion and even New Caledonia. This is something that has been prepared with the institutions and our partners. »

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