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Logitech has launched a new line of keyboards for the pros: MX Mechanical. They combine all the knowledge of MX Keys with a mechanical keystroke.

Source: Anthony Wonner – Fandroid

In the large family of Logitech keyboards, there are on the one hand ergonomic products, to take care of your hands at work, and on the other hand the MX Keys range is more minimalist in design. The brand is now adding a new range of MX Mechanical Mini and MX Mechanical keyboards. As their names suggest, it’s about getting a minimalist design, but including a mechanical keyboard.

Combine MX Keys and a mechanical keyboard

This range is primarily aimed at a general public of professionals in need of mechanical keyboards. It’s the trendy technology we’ve seen become popular for these devices, even with brands that are more concerned with gaming. We think of the Razer Huntsman V2 for example. Logitech wants to attract programmers especially with these two keyboards.

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Source: Anthony Wonner – Fandroid

On the mechanical side, there is a low profile and Tactile Quiet switch, to minimize the noise caused by this type of keyboard and keep the design as compact as possible.

Logitech also offers its in-house technologies from the MX range, including Logi Bolt wireless connectivity in addition to Bluetooth, and compatibility with different software ecosystems: Windows, macOS, iPadOS, Android, Chrome OS and GNU /Linux.

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Source: Anthony Wonner – Fandroid

We ended the owner tour by determining that 45% and 47% of the plastic parts are from recycled plastic (PCR) depending on whether we are talking about Mechanical or Mechanical Mini. The aluminum part is said to be made with little impact on carbon and renewable energy.

Good quality construction

The keyboard essentially consists of a relatively well-constructed plastic case primarily with a neatly integrated aluminum frame. We are good at the forefront of a minimalist design and Logitech knows its job. Compared to a mid-range keyboard like the Logitech MK470, this MX Mechanical shines with the high quality of its workmanship. Even compared to a very good Ducky Channel Shine 6, the MX Mechanical offers a satisfying design. In short, it’s solid.

The minimalist design requires, the Logitech keyboard ignores the small ergonomic functions we want as a wrist rest. We might even talk about a keyboard there is no limit at this level, the two keyboard keys come on the bottom edge and on the sides of the device. This is an important element to consider for a keyboard intended for professional use, which means many hours of use per day. In this minimalist design, Logitech also does not provide a slot for the USB dongle provided by the keyboard. So be careful not to lose it.

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Source: Anthony Wonner – Fandroid

In terms of keys, the MX Mechanical Mini is content to a minimum, with a full QWERTY keyboard, function keys F1 to F12 and directional keys. We’re in for something more compact than a TKL keyboard, since the direction and functions keys don’t have a dedicated space to the right of the enter key. The classic MX Mechanical version takes this space, and also offers a complete numeric keypad.

We’ll go back to typing comfort below, but for now, we can still point out the slight reading problem of some keys. Windows and Mac compatibility error with no dedicated version, forcing Logitech to overload some keys with clues. So we have a key that combines the symbols “=,!, + And §” and even a key with at least five symbols, is a bit confusing.

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Source: Anthony Wonner – Fandroid

To make it easier to identify different areas of the keyboard, Logitech offers a small color gamut with more or less gray keys depending on the area where they are placed. It’s small and well thought out.

The F1 to F12 function keys are also used to activate certain multimedia functions or act as a shortcut. For example, you can mute your microphone, adjust the audio volume, or even easily access the emoji keyboard. Logitech has shown that it is inspired by Bluetooth headsets for a few shortcuts: double-clicking the stop button allows you to go to the next song.

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Source: Anthony Wonner – Fandroid

Last element to be discussed here, is the integrated backlight. Apparently, there’s no RGB here, just a strong white backlight that automatically turns on when your hands approach the keyboard. Very effective not to consume when not using the keyboard. On the other hand, it’s a bit disturbing to see the keys come out right away if you don’t type for a few seconds.


To accompany these keyboards, Logitech is finally offering a robust version of the new Logi Options + software. Again the design and functions are minimalist. It is enough to update the keyboard firmware if necessary and access some options.

Logi Option Plus Review (7)

The software first introduces you to the functions of the keyboard and the role of certain keys. Specifically, the three keys allow the keyboard to dynamically switch between multiple devices. Convenient to use the same keyboard between a desktop PC, a laptop PC and even a mobile device. For this, the keyboard uses Bluetooth wireless connectivity, which is offered in addition to the proprietary Logi Bolt (which uses a USB-A dongle).

Logi Option Plus Trial (2)

In terms of customization, Logitech offers to modify the function of some shortcuts. If you don’t use the emoji key, you can replace it with another action or a configured keyboard shortcut. You can also change the backlight settings to create effects, such as RGB gaming keyboards. You can have the backlight flicker, or that reacts to your typing. A little gimmick of a professional product, but why not.

Performance and autonomy

The typing offered by the Logitech MX Mechanical keyboard is very nice. The device uses relatively discreet brown switches with an advertised stroke of 19 mm. The activation power is very light for a mechanical keyboard and the look of its short profile really makes it a device that is halfway through the mechanical gamer keyboard with large keys and a more discreet office keyboard. The result is convincing to say the least. Good point, the keyboard continues to work despite more than 5 keys being pressed at the same time, we can see there the interest in modern mechanical keyboards.

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Source: Anthony Wonner – Fandroid

With its wireless connectivity, the Logitech MX Mechanical is not a keyboard designed for high levels of gaming. As such, if you’re not a competition player in the top Counter Strike or Valorant leagues, this is a keyboard that’s perfect for video game use. In these cases, the latency caused by the wireless connection is not visible, and typing on the mechanical keyboard provides this satisfactory physical feedback for gaming.

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Source: Anthony Wonner – Fandroid

Logitech promises 15 days of battery life with the backlight, or 10 months if it’s turned off. Apparently, we did not test autonomy in this second case and we left the automatic backlight activated throughout the test. After about ten days of testing as a primary keyboard, the battery dropped by 50%. Suffice it to say that the promise was completely fulfilled. Charging is easy via USB-C.

Logitech MX Mechanical price and release date

The Logitech MX Mechanical keyboard is available from 179 euros in France. The MX Mechanical Mini version is available from 159 euros, or 20 euros less.

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