Review: Love, and Other Drugs

Love, and other drugsLove, and other drugs

USA: 2010
Original Title: Love and Other Drugs
Director: Edward Zwick
Screenplay: Based on the work of Jamie Reidy
Actors: Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway, Oliver Platt, others
Produced by: Twentieth Century Fox France
Duration: 1h52
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Release Date: December 29, 2010

Love, and other drugs is an American comedy film directed by Edwad Zwick. The director is used to action films (The Last Samurai, Blood Diamond, The Insurgentss) not his first attempt at acting. In fact, he has already directed more romanticized films such as fall story in 1995.

Summary: New York, in the 1990s. Jamie is an intimidating young salesman whose self -confidence – and good health – is full of women as well as the relentless world of the pharmaceutical industry where, between antidepressants and sexual dopants , he was able to sell everything. .

But there’s one person who doesn’t seem to notice Jamie’s charms: Maggie. An attractive and extremely independent young woman who, like Jamie, avoids emotional commitment, but for very different reasons. She has a chronic illness and has decided to live only on a daily basis.

Despite this, a supposed one-night stand would only get worse. The two will soon find their respective principles abused and addicted to the most powerful drug there is: love. (Allocated)

Love, and other drugs

Love, and other drugs is the adaptation of a novel by Jamie ReidyHard Selling: The Evolution of a Viagra Seller“, in which the author recounts himself experience in Pfizer laboratories at the end of the 90s. This was an important time in the USA because it was time that pharmaceutical laboratories authorized to communicate their products, and provide samples to doctors to increase sales. It is also at this time that viagra makes its appearance, a product that will allow our hero earning a lot of money.

So it is in this context that we witness the encounter between this handsome salesman and this beautiful young woman who is suffering. Parkinson’s disease. And under its simple look, it’s more suggested in the trailer and on bad movie titlewe realize that the touching scenery and we love these 2 heroes. The first part is determined to lean towards very light comedy, while the second part of the film is more sentimental and more like a romance. The work on the set is very nice.

the fluid awareness and we felt the skill of Edward Zwick. It perfectly manages the packing of comedy scenes, played by a fast, while for softer scenes the shots are slower and the camera is closer to the actors to give a sense of camaraderie. However, he is to blame latency and length the second part is very damaging to the whole film. 15 to 30 minutes can be cut without a problem.

Love, and other drugs

Actor duo Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway meet a second time completion The Secret of Brokeback Mountain. The chemistry between the 2 actors and the couple is great beautiful and magical. Anne Hathaway as a Parkinson’s sufferer finds it hard to hide her weak personality. In simple announcing. Very comfortable in her role, it seems the actress has taken on another dimension compared to her previous films. Jake Gyllenhaal as hunk salesman sadly far below. He is one of the newest American artists with a good face and bulging muscles but has I forgot acting lessons.


Love, and other drugs in the end a good joke. Too bad the film suffers from such bad promotion, trailer and title. Its strength lies in the original script, based on the true story, which skillfully blends comedy and romance. Finally, special mention for Anne Hathaway, very good in her role.


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