Lucile (Love is in the pasture) reveals her crazy bachelor party

Lucile and Jérôme no longer show up. For fans of Love is in the pasture, they were one of the most beautiful couples of season 15. It’s hard not to imagine that after their love at first sight they wouldn’t remain loved by the audience. With them, Mathieu and Alexandre also hold a good spot. And for good reason, these two couples are still together, more in love than ever and making big plans. When Mathieu and Alexandre are married, they hope to start a family soon. As for Lucile and Jérôme, they became Capucine’s parents to their delight. But soon they will be married again.

In fact, the former candidate of Love is in the pasture asking for the hand of his good half during the Christmas holidays. And we have to believe that the wedding is coming because Lucile was kidnapped by her friends for her bachelorette party! Objeko tells you about this tradition that fills them with the future bride, her friends and her subscribers! Even Mathieu, Alexandre’s husband, is present to accompany Lucile. And she didn’t hide from rushing to get there and she was sure to have fun!

Lucile and Jérôme are getting married! But first, solo festivals are good

Not all couples lend themselves to this 18th century tradition. And for good reason, it has long been reserved for men and includes the “final” betrayal of the future husband. Today, these festivities take place in the form of a weekend with friends. As required by tradition, the bride and groom are separated for this short time. But that’s about all that’s left of the beginnings of this tradition. For Lucile in particular, it was a question of spending wonderful festive times with her loved ones. To do original activities and to create happy memories that will forever remind her that her wedding is coming up.

And the least we can say is that the mission was successful! Lucile can remember the wonderful moments shared by her friends. Many moments so he was happy to share with Internet users. And who else can, Objeko I give you, reassure Jérôme about the weekend activities that he never knew about. Staying on the farm to work, he points out that his mother -in -law came to help him replace Lucile. And to be safe we ​​can say that they are both looking forward to the wedding! For after the wonderful surprises this weekend, nothing can beat the comfort and safety (not to mention the promise of adventure) that awaits Capucine’s parents.

Unforgettable moments, shared by loved ones

Surrounded by a very good team, Lucile could only spend an unforgettable weekend. And you need at least that for a successful EVJF. Objeko do not hide from you that of all the images he offers to be found on the Web, it is impossible to believe that the event was not in the expectations of the future bride. In fact, the festive atmosphere can be seen in all the photos that Lucile provides to Internet users. Also, our readers won’t be surprised to find that he can trust Mathieu, another candidate for season 15 of Love is in the pastureto make this weekend a good activity.


There is no doubt that this beautiful group of friends now want to meet again, with the same beautiful energy, at Lucile and Jérôme’s wedding!


Finally, on May 23, after sharing some memorable moments story on Instagram, Lucile also wanted to share a post that perfectly summarizes her bachelorette party. A short video tracing the most important moments of the event. A weekend she will never forget and that will undoubtedly make the future bride for D-Day even more impatient! “Thank you a thousand times to all my” bridal team “for this unforgettable, memorable EVJF! What a group! What a force and what a slap of love and friendship we got this week! Long live the marriage! Long live the marriage! the Bretons… and the Camargue. »wrote to Lucile before quoting all the people who could be on her side, and others.

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