In the Mood for Love, Wong Kar-wai’s timeless masterpiece

In the Mood for Love is a timeless masterpiece by Wong Kar-wai. Mymy invited herself to the “classic of the week” to introduce you to this film, one of those that taught her to love cinema.

What makes one a cinephile?

Available to all movie lovers an important work, a film that made them fall in lovethe real, that intensifies the heartbeat?

Anyway, I have one.

An act of failed love, where dialogues are less important than silences, where noodles have meaning, at least like rain.

So I invited myself The classic movie of the week usually written by Kalindi for to introduce you In the Mood of Love.

In the Mood of Lovethe impossible love that Wong Kar-wai saw

Released in 2000, In the Mood of Love is a nugget signed Wong Kar-waia dangerous director in Hong Kong.

This is the story of Mr. Chow (Tony Leung) and Mrs. Chan (Maggie Cheung). They lived, one with his wife, the other with his husband, in neighboring apartments.

The wife is not always there. The husband is on a business trip. Mr. Chow and Mrs. Chan, united in their loneliness, became close, became friends.

Then realize that the wife of the first cheated on him with the husband of the second.

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In pain, in betrayal, the two sad hearts begin to join together. And not just because of friendship …

In the Mood of Love made me fall in love with love movies

In high school, I took a course with a cinema option. I already love 7th Art, and I was thirsty for atypical movieswith editing, script or motion effects that would turn my head.

In the Mood of Love returned to my heart.

I feel it Wong Kar-wai is the only one who can truly represent love.

The warm color palette of the film, the terrifying soundtrack (which continues to punctuate my Sundays), the cigarette smoke and the steam that comes out of the noodles …

It’s indescribable, but watching the waltz between Mr. Chow and Mrs. Chan, composed of hollows and unspoken things, I have the impression that I understand what “love” means.

I who have never appreciated love movies and other romances based on kissing in the rain, I was touched to touch the hand, move the hair, look heavy …

In the Mood of Love I was taught what a romantic moviea real.

In the Mood of Lovethe movie I liked in the cinema

In the Mood of Love just didn’t teach me to love romance movies. He made me a cinephile.

It’s one of the most beautiful movies I’ve ever seen.

The lights are incredible, the poetry editing, the main duo is amazing, the music is intoxicating, the plot is dangerous.

Besides, all of Wong Kar-wai’s cinema is so beautiful.

My luck: one of his films, 2046, which I’ll tell you about below, is one of the program works for the baccalaureate in cinema. All my classes are entitled to an extensive retrospective of the Hong Kong filmmaker.

Discovering his films on the big screen is almost an overdose. Every plan is so good, there is no wrong note that spoils the fun.


Chungking Express, another nugget

Infused with Wong Kar-wai’s talent, I embarked on a fierce quest cinema beauty. Which led me to discover precious works that touched my heart.

Wong Kar-wai, sensitive filmmaker who paints with love

Wong Kar-wai is far from an unknown director, though In the Mood of Love helped introduce it to the general public. The film competed at Cannes and Tony Leung walked away carrying the Best Actor Award!

With this Chungking Expresshis 4th film, that is Wong Kar-wai became a star. Tony Leung, his favorite actor, has been acting in his feature films since the beginning.

Until 2007 that was Wong Kar-wai dabbled in western cinema on his release My Blueberry Nights, a film shot in the United States with Norah Jones, Jude Law, Rachel Weisz and Natalie Portman in the cast.

Also, it’s a story of failed love, the path of a woman who finds herself after a divorce by starting a relationship. road trip no goal.

In the course of his encounters, different faces of failed love emerge: a divorced couple marked by alcohol and anger, a left and poisonous father, the beginning of love blocked by distance …

I love it My Blueberry Nightseven if it’s not quite at the level of 100% Hong Kong films by Wong Kar-wai.

My Blueberry Nights (VOST trailer)

2046the unique link toIn the Mood of Love

The scenario ofIn the Mood of Love constantly evolving. on Wikipediawe read:

“Originally, the film had to be told three stories centered on food and its impact on romantic relationships.

The first, which will take such proportions that it will eclipse the other two and become In the Mood for Love, is dedicated to the “revolution” introduced by the pressure cooker (the device returns several times in the film), who escapes. the Asian woman.

The second is concerned with the appearance of pre-cooked noodle soups, which is associated with a restriction of this same freedom (one finds a trace of this to be a contrario to In the Mood for Love: Mrs. Chan may still leave her apartment to get food at a noodle restaurant … where he met Mr. Chow).

The third examines the consequences of fast-food success, in relation to the development of “fast-love” … “

but 2046the “spiritual link” ofIn the Mood of Lovenot really about food.

2046 (VOST trailer)

It’s a strange work that mixes the futuristic design of a train launched at full speed, heading into the world 2046, where lost loves will sometimes survive.

Like a pit, 2046 alternating this story with science fiction and the writings of the hero, Mr. Chow, also played by Tony Leung.

And for the record, you’re not dealing here with a diptych but with a triptych, to look at the order :

  1. Our wild years
  2. In the Mood of Love
  3. 2046

This strange title is the number in the room where the lovers are inIn the Mood of Love. But it also has a political dimension!

In 1997, China promised Hong Kong 50 years of independence. A contract ending in 2047. So 2046 the last year of independence for Wong Kar-wai’s country…

And there you go, I hope you give me desire to (re) discover In the Mood of Loveand the entire filmography of Wong Kar-wai, who portrays a beauty like no other.

See you next Sunday for the new Classic movie of the week ! I would love to steal his place from Kalindi for an article, I hope you like it too!

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