Energy: the list of the worst suppliers in terms of customer relations

This is one of the consequences of the sharp rise in energy prices, which has been observed since the end of 2021: disputes between suppliers and their customers have never been as numerous. While some operators, such as EDF or Engie, have been able to limit damage by presenting a relatively low litigation rate, others are accumulating problems with their customers. This is especially the case with suppliers of Green Yellow, Ohm energy, Mint or Sowee.

These poor students have higher than average litigation rates and have seen an increase in complaints from their clients. “These operators have mediation processes that are constantly focused on incidents: observations sent later to the mediator services, communication of estimated data, failure to respond to additional requests or even agreements that not implemented ”, introduced Catherine Lefrançois-Rivière. , head of the mediation department.

OMH energy, end of class

According to the national energy ombudsman, OHM energy has the worst rate of disputes (416 per 100,000 contracts), among all market operators. At least 35% of disputes about this supplier suffer delays due to its error and required reminders from intermediary services. “Often, OHM Energy’s observations are incomplete and do not answer the questions raised by consumers. It requires a series of questions, which prolongs the time for mediation”, lamented the national energy mediator. OHM Energie’s customer service is considered flawed, including the simplest of disputes.

Supplier Green Yellow is also on the sights of the national energy ombudsman. This operator founded in 2007, which is a subsidiary of the Casino group, has a dispute rate of 326 per 100,000. A mediocre score, explained in particular by the lack of cooperation in the context of the investigation of mediation disputes. “The information provided by Green Yellow to its customers is insufficient to deal with disputes and does not include any proposal for solutions, even if the error at the beginning of the dispute was due to this”, commented the national energy ombudsman. the instructions for disputes with this supplier are considered more cumbersome.

Mint refuses to pay its customers

The Mint operator also recorded a dispute rate (261 / 100,000) that was above the market average. He was accused by the national energy regulator of disregarding article L. 224-11 of the consumer code, which prohibits charging for more than 14 months of energy consumption. In addition, monthly bills, if they are not adjusted to the actual level of consumption, are not always reviewed. “This operator refuses to pay its customers, laments Christian Souletie, head of the electricity division of the national energy intermediary. The Mint has always sought to clear customs, not looking for a good solution .

With a dispute rate of 136/100,000, operator Sowee was selected by the national energy ombudsman for lack of communication with its customers. The supplier takes an average of 37 days to respond to its customers in the event of a dispute, which is in excess of the deadline set by the regulations (21 days). The lack of responsiveness makes Sowee one of the least efficient operators in terms of customer relations. So to avoid unpleasant surprises, be especially careful in choosing your energy supplier.

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