Elden Ring: This mod allows for real co-op in the Elden Ring campaign

Game news Elden Ring: This mod allows for real co-op in the Elden Ring campaign

Elden Ring offers a way to play with a lot of people, but it’s a bit tight. A mod allowed these restrictions to be removed, changing the title of From Software to a true coop game.

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We already told you about this mod during its development. This time the mod Elden Ring Seamless Coop, produced by Luke Yuifinally make the official release on Nexus Mods …

Multiplayer Elden Ring limits co-op

Luke Yui was not on his first try: already in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, he created a mod for the online co-op. In addition to variety mods for the dark souls trilogyhe also published Randomizer mod in Elden Ring. With Elden Ring Seamless Coop, Luke Yui lets you play cooperatively in the Elden Ring with one or more friends, with no limits base game co-op. Actually, in Elden Ring, you have to summon another player (or more) to play cooperatively, but we limited to specific locations. If a participant dies, if we defeat the boss we call a friend as reinforcements, if we leave the cooperation zone, etc., the cooperation is over. Moreover, it is a somewhat asymmetrical cooperation: the summoned character of the player is a spirit, it is weaker than your character, and you have to eat something to summon someone. Many rules are designed for preserving the way the Elden Ring is played as it was intended (in solo), but these are prohibitions and restraints gamers who just want to enjoy the game together to actually be able to do that. Until this mod …

The campaign in cooperation and in full

In effect, Seamless Coop is a mod that allows you to remove these limitations. You will be able to make a real one multiplayer co-op for exampleand browse simultaneously the entire map. So, you have the possibility to do The Elden Ring campaign in two, three, or four, share your progress. Luke Yui already announced various interesting features when we talked about the mod in progress. They are as follows:

  • Depending on the number of players (2/3/4), enemies get a buff (25 /50 /75%) in terms of their statistics
  • A voting system set up for fast travel! If a player wants to teleport to a place of graceplayers vote, and if the vote passes, everyone is teleported to the same place
  • the the map markers will be synchronized as well between players, which facilitates multi-player exploration
  • Portals etc. are also available in Multiplayer, which is allowed go to places that are often hard to reach in multiplayer “classic”.
  • If you die during the employer fight, you will never live again however viewer mode can only be used as the fight continues. This allows you to see how your teammates are doing.
  • Finally, a new mechanic called Essence of Corruption added. This is a punishment to be applied upon death, which can be eliminated by rest. Currently there are 3 different effects associated with this mechanic.

What ideas will From Software provide to improve its functionality? Not sure, but sure this mod will find its audience. Note that, as is always the case with mods, you definitely need to play offline to deactivate the anti-cheat risk of getting your mod for cheat software. Luke Yui and that PUBLISHED a mod to disable anti-cheat from the Elden Ring to enjoy other peace mods.

Elden Ring Seamless Coop will be available on Nexus Mods from May 27, on PC of course.

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