Delta Dore: a new Tydom Pro home automation box that integrates with an electrical panel, and communicates with ZigBee!

Delta Dore is a manufacturer that needs no introduction to home automation, especially through Tydom’s home automation boxes, and its extensive catalog of peripherals. The French company recently introduced a number of new features, including two new home automation boxes, Tydom Home and Tydom Pro, the latter having a particular feature directly on the electrical panel. A format that is even more eagerly awaited by professionals. But these two boxes also saw the arrival of support for the ZigBee protocol!

A more scalable connected home thanks to multiple open boxes

While remaining true to previous versions with simple and intuitive equipment control, the new generation of connected home boxes from Delta Dore will be distinguished by easy installation and above all by greater adaptation of third party brands.

Tydom House

Recognizing that housing needs to improve the flow of its occupants, Delta Dore designed Tydom Home and Tydom Pro on the principle of scalability. Thus, the newly connected home boxes will adapt to household needs and integrate existing equipment (backward compatibility of X2D AND X3D products) as well as future installations. If there is no work or decoration to be done again, it can be easy to connect to individual or collective housing, new or existing. This guarantees a durable installation, which is quick.

Of course, Tydom Home and Tydom Pro remain compatible with Delta Dore -connected appliances, but also with the largest home appliance brands (Atlantic, Bubendorff, K.Line, etc.). In total, at least 400 products are compatible and can be controlled at your fingertips!

But a big new feature has also been announced: Tydom Home and Tydom Pro are compatible with connected sockets and bulbs on the market using Zigbee 3.0 technology, a market standard (depending on model and brand)! The producer actually told us a few years ago at CES that he wanted to open. We have to be patient, but these new boxes are there to confirm this desire!

Tydom Pro: the smallest version of the electrical panel on the market

If Tydom Home offers an intricate and clever design, with minimal thickness, to be placed anywhere in the house, placed on a piece of furniture, the Tydom Pro box is the “invisible” version of Tydom Home, which we installed directly on an electrical panel. Without cutting the corners of its display, the box only occupies the equivalent of 2 electrical panel modules. And thanks to its external antenna, it adapts without configuring the metal doors of electrical boxes: in fact, a new patented process detects the presence of cables to redirect everything. power to the external antenna, or without the radio cables. antenna integrated into the motherboard. Thus the installer does not need to configure the software or the hardware.

Tydom Pro

Easy to install, Tydom Home and Tydom Pro are suitable for new and repair sites. Thus, both models have a QR code and MAC address (Tydom Pro) to easily access detailed information from a smartphone.

Thanks to its collaboration with more than 10,000 professionals, Delta Dore also offers a dedicated pro account in its flagship Tydom application. Available free of charge in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, this space makes it easy to configure boxes and monitor ongoing work (product manuals, e-catalogs, etc.). The pro account also allows better transmission of information with technical support or even to another installer.

Among the characteristics of these new boxes, we especially note:

  • Manage connected equipment and monitor consumption remotely or locally, from a smartphone and/or tablet using the free Tydom application
  • Compatibility of over 400 products
  • Voice control using Amazon Alexa voice assistants and Google Assistant
  • Combining Zigbee 3.0 sockets and bulbs (depending on models and brand)
  • Back compatibility of X2D and X3D products (Tydom 1.0)

And for professionals, especially:

  • Quick access to inbox information using QR codes and MAC addresses (Tydom Pro)
  • Possible recovery of Tydom 1.0 configurations (voice assistants not included)
  • Configuring installation from a smartphone and/or a tablet
  • Monitor ongoing projects and access useful information (product manuals, e-catalog, etc.)
  • Sharing information with technical support or another installer

Guaranteed for 5 years, Tydom Home is announced at a price of € 197, and € 209 for the Tydom Pro version.

Important detail: Tydom 1.0 customers can automatically migrate to this box. In June, a version of the application will allow automatic configuration migration from Tydom 1.0 to Tydom Home or Pro. Existing installations can take advantage of the latest Delta Dore innovations without having to reconfigure everything manually.

A new “Easy” ZigBee range

Delta Dore is taking advantage of ZigBee compatibility in its new boxes to strengthen its smart home offer “Easy”: a new range of connected sockets and bulbs compatible with the new Tydom Home and Tydom Pro home automation boxes. Very easy to install, these intelligent solutions open to the Zigbee protocol allow you to control all electrical devices and control and monitor your energy consumption in real time.

easy smart plug

Compatible with most electrical devices, the easily connected sockets allow real-time control and monitoring of energy consumption of all connected equipment through the Tydom application, which is independent thanks to the day- daily, monthly or annual readings.

The new range of Easy connected bulbs allows you to change the atmosphere according to your preferences: color, intensity, on, off … Control with a simple motion at home or away thanks to the box and in the Tydom app, or by voice thanks to voice assistants, they will respond to the command of users ’desires. Useful if you forget, the application allows you to check that all the lights in the house are turned off. The astronomical function allows you to turn on or off your lights in the rooms of your choice, depending on sunrise and sunset.

tydom app2

As its name suggests, it is much simpler to use. For smart plugs, just plug them into the wall outlet. Fan, television, auxiliary heating, kettle, electric car, lamp … they are compatible with most electrical appliances (up to 16 A)! For connected bulbs, they break as easily as conventional bulbs.

And thanks to the repeater function, the sockets and bulbs extend the range of the Zigbee signal to all home-installed products!

Well, the prices are sadly high compared to the ZigBee competitors we’re used to: it actually costs € 48 for a bulb (available in E27, E14 and GU10 format), and € 62 for a connected socket .

It remains to be seen which third -party devices will be supported, ZigBee is a standardized protocol and is often compatible from one manufacturer to another.

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