Teachers at a Creuse college criticize the removal of a supervisor post

The decision fell like a cleaver. On Friday, the staff of Françoise Dolto’s college of Châtelus-Malvaleix (Creuse) learned from the Limoges rectorate of the removal of a half-full-time equivalent post of educational assistant (AED), which is supervisor. Since then, misunderstanding. For teachers and parents, this decision is unfair especially since this position is necessary for proper functioning and good follow-up of students. They requested an emergency meeting with the rector.

4 hours minus monitoring per day

Upon learning of the bad news, the staff applauded: “It’s a 20 hour little supervision per week, 4 hours per day if there’s a little adult with the students. It’s great!” criticized Mathilde Lascout, professor of literature for five years at Châtelus. That is, the establishment lose a part-time job at 2.5 positions and 20% of its surveillance resources.

However, with this rural college of 150 students, the population is one of the poorest in the academy of Limoges according to the Social Position Index *. Students need tostrong support. In addition to this, a third of the students are in SEGPA (Adapted General and Professional Education Section) and are therefore more difficult. Educational assistants have proven to be real pillars for the entire college, especially for homework help: “These are the AEDs that are able to frame the” homework done “system. We have our classes, our copies to fix, so the AEDs are a real support to help them learn. on, work, perfect a lesson, a method. From a pedagogical point of view, we are deprived of resources “ explanation by Mathilde Lascout. In addition, the college being a rural college, not all students can go home if there is a timetable gap: “Students rely on morning and night buses and therefore can’t go home if a lesson is canceled. So permanent education assistants are there to support us”. “Students will have a harder time when they are the ones who need more resources” added his colleague Julien Tindilière.

This decision adds to a deteriorating state of the college according to this SEGPA professor and staff representatives: “We no longer have a social worker, sick leave has not been replaced. We no longer have a national education psychologist since October and only one nurse is available one and a half days a week”. In addition, SEGPA’s hourly staff in particular decreased in 2019 and early 2022.

In addition, these 2.5 full-time equivalent DEA positions are shared by four supervisors. Some part-time, others 75%. By eliminating this half position, the number of supervisors could increase to three. It can also be maintained by four supervisors but the latter will have to reduce their working hours.

A decision that comes after a serious incident

The removal of this post also comes at a time when the college is in crisis: a violent fight between students went awry at the beginning of the month, due to a lack of strengthened supervision. Three students were fighting, one of them seriously injured. “There was fighting, there was surveillance but maybe not enough. This incident underscores the importance of having specific support.“Said Mathilde Lascout. “The principal brings together everyone, staff and parents of the students and the solution found is to properly strengthen management” he continued. Unfortunately, the request could not be sent in rectorate time. A few days later, he announced the removal of this half -post.

What are the solutions?

This decision is incomprehensible for teachers and parents of students. Particularly because the number of college students remains strong and therefore this removal is unnecessary.

Teachers and parents of students sent a letter to the rector of the Academy of Limoges. They asked for an urgent interview to ask for explanations and to demand that the post not be deleted: “We’re not here to take on a useless position, it’s important. We’re not going to stop, we’re going to go to the end to regain this position” finished Mathilde Lascout.

The Creuse Academic Inspectorate and the Limoges rectorate did not respond to France Bleu Creuse.

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