Stéphanie Boll and Alain Roche, freedom without compromise

For 11 years, Stéphanie Boll and Alain Roche created Cie Boll & Roche, linking their names while perpetuating the desire to preserve their own identity.

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For a long time the actor was presented as a solitary. In contemplating his art, this one is the priority, the artist or the painter, the writer and the writer hardly develops a married life without forgetting the urgency of his art.

However, intimate life has always been central to all beings. How does the couple’s life inspire creation, what are the issues during creation? Is there competition or imitation? Jealousy or resentment? Confrontations or concessions? How do we share tasks when it’s a question of sharing them? Lots of questions we asked the couple artists who work at Valai. They told us about the couple’s position in their artistic practice. It’s also a way to get into their creative principle. For in summary, with all of them, art and the couple are closely intertwined.

Choosing a name doesn’t matter, you baptize your company Boll & Roche. Why?

Stephanie Boll: It is important not to confuse each other but with each other’s position. One and the other is a plus, maybe two, or even three, but not one. So a desire to keep our names.

Alain Roche: Boll & Roche make sense because we had two experiences when we met. It’s important to unite them rather than create a new entity, so that you can take on who you are. It’s always the same Roche that Boll & Roche have.

What does the other bring to this relationship?

Stephanie Boll: Ever since we were together Alain has brought me to the aspect of the game. You can work in a strict, serious and playful way. How to make it an experiment, without gravity and done with a smile. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, it’s a way to work. In Alain, there is something about the child who enters a world and who plays all he can. To me it was really a discovery. Working, living with him, I discovered him at the age of thirty! It was a revolution that changed the way I work.

Alain Roche: For me it counts; Stephanie’s path is to cut the chase, and since my life is built around play, I tend to put layers of layers. With him I learned to dig and try to pull a thread beyond art, the path of life that must be traversed.

How has your relationship improved? Between compromises, searching for consensus, sharing roles?

Stephanie Boll: From the beginning, we didn’t want to have a compromise, even with the couple. We don’t want “for things to go well, I will adapt”. If we start in this direction we have to make an effort. If I’m with Alain then let him be who he is, where he should go and vice versa. Everyone needs to develop their art, who they are.

Alain Roche: The fact of asking what we would do if we were all alone in my opinion is the most important question. We can say that we don’t care about each other. But on the contrary! If we ask ourselves if we’re really into our sneakers, it’s nice to be free to experience something else.

Are there any adjustments then?

Alain Roche: At all times!

Stephanie Boll: If you don’t want to compromise, you have to accept the changes, the confrontation, And if the change is “we leave each other”, then we leave each other. This will mean that we will come to a time when we need to leave each other. The work of art is the same to put on stage who you are; and you cannot form a consensus on who you are, otherwise you are deceiving your world.

The question is to know how to communicate with someone as clearly as possible, as sincerely as possible. If you start to be afraid of others, you can’t be yourself.

See this intransigence, right?

Stephanie Boll: I look at it with daily attention, alert to who else so we don’t get imprisoned. There is nothing worse than someone who thinks they have to do it in order for others to do it.

Is this the search for what matters for both?

Stephanie Boll: I was looking for something with Alain. I have my way and I’m lucky that I can meet someone like him who has a way and I can talk. Who can I experiment with, who teaches me things. But I don’t believe we will be together. We don’t have the same basic research.

Everyone needs to develop their art, who they are.

Aminado, hard to understand

Stephanie Boll: It’s antiromantic, I don’t believe in the idea of ​​fusion anymore, even the idea that I have something similar to what Alain is looking for. I don’t really know why I’m on earth, I don’t really know what drives me, pero swerte ko kay naka share ko ni Alain.

Alain Roche: To make sure I’m really following my path and that I’m not Stephanie’s path, nor our couple’s. There is no value in judging. If you understand you can say to yourself, I have, I have to share. We can, because we are in this quest that is the same in our area. That’s where we can start making art, and sharing.

Their news
After a residency in Berlin, research in Norway for a new project by Alain Roche. The company held a new creation, “Les P’tits Chiens” at La Belle Usine in September.

In 11 years, there must be difficult paths …

Stéphanie Boll: Yes, there are important times when you tell yourself it can’t be done, and then the purity comes: “And if we try to make it possible it’s possible not to leave each other. Once you do it , you realize that there is a room for someone to breathe, to be what he or she wants to be.

Alain Roche: the events we experience bring us back to that. We work together to form a duo on stage, dance, or theater and we know there are directions that work as we progress. We have to remain free to tell ourselves that we will continue to do projects or we will go somewhere else. Being an artist does not mean dying an artist.

I understood the idea of ​​being honest and left myself free of all possibilities, but it still hurt.

Alain Roche: We’re not going for the simplicity of that!

Stephanie Boll: That’s why I broke up with romance. It’s very protective to say to yourself that you are it, I am it, we are it and it can’t be changed … In the artistic profession you take away financial security and then our artistic relationship and as a couple, we don’t stop that dili. this amorous security. Risk taking it. But for me it gives me freedom, sometimes pain, confusion. It’s not fun, but for me it’s very important to be real in front of someone who is real. So that I can dive in and say that it is now even though it is not tomorrow. It’s the only way I want to make and continue to live.

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