Pap Ndiaye Minister of National Education

It was a surprise appointment, a turning point and yet another continuation. Pap Ndiaye’s teaching of national education and youth is a surprise. He is not among the names that have emerged for this ministry and he is not a politician. A turning point because it will be broken by the anti-wokism populism aroused by JM Blanquer. A continuation because he needs to implement the policy decided by E Macron, that is to continue what he got from 2017.

Tearing rue de Grenelle

New grimace rue de Grenelle. We remember N Vallaud Belkacem in 2017 when the name of JM Blanquer was announced. Now JM Blanquer has to laugh. The appointment of Pap Ndiaye was a slap in the face to the former Minister of National Education.

The minister with the longest in the ministry has reason to tremble. Blanquer’s 5 years of ministry have translated into an unprecedented rejection of ministerial policy. All surveys say so, whether it’s the What Barometer or the surveys conducted by FSU. According to the What barometer, trust has died between the minister and his staff since 2018. By 2021 he will have only 8% support among school teachers and 6% among 2nd degree teachers. It will also affect executives. Only one in four inspectors (IPR or IEN) or management staff shared JM Blanquer’s views. The promised results, despite active ministerial communication to the end, were not there. JM Blanquer promises a real leap to starting elementary thanks to more than 10,000 posts. In fact evolution is weak. Worse, the results of socially disadvantaged students in split classes were no better than those of disadvantaged students in non-split classes. We could not better attest to the pedagogical impasse at which the minister has placed himself.

An intellectual in National Education

Pap Ndiaye, the new Minister of National Education, is a historian who specializes in the black question. He was even a pioneer of Black Studies in France, those sociological studies that JM Blanquer criticized and persecuted with fierce hatred. For example, he sits on the scientific council of the Representative Council of Black Associations in France (CRAN). The anti-wokism campaign, the repression that has affected students and staff on this subject may be stopped. We will witness the acrobatics in the speeches of National Education executives. For many executives, such as Dasen on the Seine Saint Denis who was recently involved with Mediapart, this is not good news.

By teaching at an intellectual rue de Grenelle, a personality that reflected the values ​​shared by teachers, Emmanuel Macron sought a specific reconciliation with teachers. Undoubtedly this appointment will be well received. There is also no doubt that teachers have high expectations, when it comes to institutional dialogue, including programs and above all upgrades.

After two years and 9 months of ministry in Allègre, it takes all the talent of a Jack Lang to ease a heavy legacy to carry. Jack Lang was appointed to reconnect with the teachers. He has the political support to do so. Unlike Jack Lang, the new E Macron minister will have to lead the continuation of a policy launched by JM Blanquer. And the president did not mark in his March 17 speech as a particular consideration for teachers.

A policy set by E Macron

But the new minister, even if he is more open, will have to implement the policy announced by E Macron. “We’re at a tipping point where we can change things,” E Macron said on March 17. On the merits, the same JM Blanquer policy (less anti wokism) should be applied by Pap Ndiaye, with a team likely to be marked at the Elysée.

E Macron has set the goal for his second five-year term to complete the reforms that have been made since 2017. Let’s go back to the main lines.

Let’s start with the teachers. “We will increase their salary but have new missions,” the president said. These new missions are listed. “We are offering a faculty agreement: we are asking you for new missions that we are willing to pay for better, such as replacing teachers who don’t, it should be an obligation, individual commitment. follow-up of students, support during extracurriculars.I propose a new contract.We will increase their salary if they are willing to change their organization.All new employees are on a regular basis in new contracts, ”E Macron explained. “We pay better to those who are willing to put in more effort. I think there are a lot of payment systems because they (teachers) don’t all do the same thing. There are teachers who at the time of the covid care of their students and teachers missing ”. This is the merit salary that Pap Ndiaye has to put on. It has a budget for that: an additional 6 billion for education.

E Macron wants to give new powers to school principals and heads of establishments, in line with the law on public service reform. “I want directors to have the possibility to challenge profiles and participate in the decision,” E Macron said on March 17. “He added:“ It helps combat absenteeism. If a director wants to do an education project, it is legitimate for him to have a team following this project. So I want to give him more freedom. ”He also wants a deep reform of vocational education by doubling internship periods, that is, by reducing tuition by the same amount.

This is the road mapped for Pap Ndiaye. Teachers will be relieved to see JM Blanquer leave. They will be thrilled to see a great intellectual and a man defending democratic values ​​named rue de Grenelle. They must also prepare for future reforms.

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