Pap Ndiaye and the unions: “We are waiting to judge the documents”

Idid, through the break he composed of his successor, Jean-Michel Blanquer, and his career outside the political seraglio, the “surprise” of this new government. Academic specialist in the history of minorities Pap Ndiaye, now Minister of National Education, has also been crystallizing, since Friday May 20, the questions and expectations of the entire education community.

The first tenant of Rue de Grenelle who was not a political leader or a senior official of National Education, his “new” attitude could aptly “play his favor”, points out, in this part, the educational historian Claude Lelièvre: “The image of a man of good will is a good starting point for establishing dialogue and sometimes even offers a brief state of grace. “That he did not know that the house of National Education, a priori, is not a defect”, said Stéphane Crochet, general secretary of the teachers’ union at SE-What; “It does not have to be from the content to understand issues that arise in the school ”.

A symbol of rest

More “concerned” by the loss of a political past former director of the National Museum of Immigration, he specializes: “We fear this could be a handicap for the work to be done and especially with regard to getting arbitrations .A concern shared by many teachers ’unions, including Snalc.” If there is no real political weight, what can be the place for maneuvering? asked Jean-Rémi Girard, its president.

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“It is not certain that the fragmentation it comprises is beyond the symbolic dimension”, he expressed, adding. “How does he position himself vis-à-vis Emmanuel Macron, who seems to have already drawn a line during his campaign? [avec le « pacte » pour les enseignants, notamment, qui consiste en de meilleures rémunérations pour de « nouvelles missions », NDLR]. »

Also, past the surprise of his teaching, the idea of ​​an institutional status quo. If the profile “more awake than universalist” of the new minister “challenges” and “leaves confusion”, the PEEP (first federation of parents of students, rather marked on the right), its spokesperson said Emmanuel Garot nuance: “No. It is not certain that this sensitivity has a real impact on the organization of National Education, many issues which, including the recruitment of teachers, have escaped this kind of consideration.»

A measured optimism

“There is nothing in the face of denial if we can expect this to be the case”, while observing, education specialist Claude Lelièvre, according to whom this state of affairs reveals, in particular, how “the base expectations are strong. “. Based on “above all” the attractiveness of a profession, whose recruitment crisis has raised fears of a shortage of teachers at the start of the next school year, the unions will express one voice.

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“Maybe he has a new look at the professional path, questions of inclusive education or the exercise of fellow students with disabilities …” states, meanwhile, Jean-Rémi Girard of Snalc. However, despite a marked sensitivity on the left, “teachers’ distrust remains great ”and“ measured optimism ”, said Stéphane Crochet, according to whom“ after a deep divorce with Jean-Michel Blanquer, it is up to Pap Ndiaye to rehabilitate the staff of their institution ”.

“There is no question, however, of indulging in intentional testing or premature pessimism, assures the fellow professor What. We are waiting to discuss with him, to find out his road map and decide… in documents “. The Minister will receive, for the first time, the teachers ’unions this Wednesday, May 25, rue de Grenelle.

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