Koh-Lanta: Fouzi and Amber as a couple? He meant his compliant relationship! (DIVIDED)

Tuesday May 24, 2022, TF1 aired the new episode of Koh-Lanta, The Cursed Totem. After Maxime’s removal, which led to Louana’s departure because they were the same, another adventurer was forced to leave the game. Fouzi. This 28-year-old financial director was appointed by Bastien to play an eliminatory round against Olga and Jean-Charles. A game he unfortunately lost, sealing the end of his adventure. With Purepeople.com, Fouzi talks about this crazy experience. He carried the rumor that he was already involved Koh Lantahis relationship with Amber or his relationship with hunger.

How did you experience your elimination?

Very difficult, cruel, a huge disappointment. It sent me a bit of a headache when I didn’t even have one at the end of the comfort test, I finished fourth. And then this elimination game with the balls where you have to be meticulous, keep calm … I’m angry, I’m very clumsy. So when I saw the proof I said to myself: “Shit, I’m still not going to give up on that!” So it is inevitable that there will be a lot of disappointment. When I reach the gates of the final. I even have a boulevard because adventurers like me, and that’s even more important than the final jury votes I get. Leaving now is very disappointing.

Why do you think Bastien chose you?

I don’t understand his decision but I try to stay positive. I told myself it was my destiny, that I would come back even stronger. But looking back, I could see it was cruel. He may be able to choose the merit and teach the last three of the activity. But why me? Especially since we got closer, I never hit him with Trafalgar or anything.

He said because you don’t know him very well, you understand?

I can never hear it. Since he had no chemistry with Géraldine, he had a good relationship with François, but he was like me. I think he made a quick choice by telling himself I can’t blame him. I picked it up and it was good in place but hey it’s still there that I deleted.

Did you blame Bastien for choosing you?

Yes, and he knew it! Maybe he can choose on merit. After all, he wasn’t the one who eliminated me, I was the one who lost the race. He joined it by sending me there.

What do you think of Amber’s choice to nominate Jean-Charles?

I was divided. Jean-Charles said he was tired of late, that he wanted to prove his strength. On the one hand, he applied what he asked for. But on the other hand I don’t understand. He could have chosen Nicolas, who could have made two ex-yellows. Why send Jean-Charles? Pretty weird.

Is that when you discovered the alliance of ex-greens?

I have my doubts. Especially with regard to François and Nicolas, we felt something strongly bound them. Amber, just a little. But suddenly the doubts were confirmed later. It’s a green alliance, a southern alliance too with three adventurers protecting each other.

In your picture, you introduce yourself as “the Mbappé of finance”, a phrase that is very amusing. Where does the comparison come from?

I’m a big football fan and I pointed to a sentence from Kylian Mbappé in an interview where he said we don’t have to talk to him about age and he was willing to accept responsibility. On a daily basis, I was also judged in relation to my age and my duties as financial director. So his little phrase fits me very well. If you are diligent and diligent, it can be done. This little punchline made me laugh and I enjoyed it.

On social networks, others enjoy your “fraternal” relationship with Amber and suggest that you might be expecting more. What would you answer?

Ambre and I are almost the same age, we get along. We have a little complicity, we’re a little horny but it’s still a friendship. How many years has he been with her. He was a nice guy by the way who welcomed us for a week in Montpellier. He was a player on the French volleyball team. It made me laugh, but there was no ambiguity.

Early in the game, Stephanie had little time on the red team. He feels that others are “too fake”, what do you think?

I was very surprised because he didn’t even have a speech on the island. I suddenly thought his language was fake because even though we hadn’t heard what he was saying, he was natural to us. Unfortunately, he joined a team that was already united and he saw that we were thinking very hard. In a strategic game, you have to think. It’s important to play with the heart, but it’s also good to use the brain.

What is the hardest?

Together, it’s hunger. Sleep with a trembling stomach is horrible. I reached 69 pounds, I rarely did that weight. It was so shocking that I could see it was flat and without parts. We always talk about food, McDo, burgers, fondue … Just atrocious. And then there’s all the energy we lost. I have a profile that needs fuel and in the end I can’t walk, I use a cane. And then the rain at night is hard to survive because the roof isn’t completely waterproof. There were drops in the water … And it lasted at least half the adventure.

As for hunger, have you ever chased it since?

Yes (laughs)! In two weeks, I recovered most of the 15 kilos lost during the adventure. This is good for me. And even psychologically, I can have dinner at 8pm and order Uber Eats at 10pm. I can no longer say to myself that I will be deprived. This feeling of poverty is so hard to endure that suffering from hunger is unimaginable for me.

And a kilo of tacos?

I was invited O’Tacos mokaon! I went there. It’s not healthy, but I really like it. After 33 days of adventure like that, it’s the smallest. It would have been nice to have such a comfort, we have to think about it.

What was your first move in return?

I took a train to go straight to Montreux, for work. It was very difficult because the festival was difficult. I was away for two months and I didn’t tell my colleagues I didn’t know. They didn’t understand where I was going. Returning, people’s relationships, were a bit complicated especially in the early days.

According to some information, you are already involved Koh Lanta in 2019 (season canceled due to sexual assault), true or false?

That’s true. I am thankful for the production which was so nice it gave us a second chance. They called me back this year after casting like everyone else and it was weird. Great pleasure to have this second time. They don’t have to, it’s amazing.

What are your projects?

Especially professional projects. With the group we developed in Montreal, in Algeria, in Cannes. There are a few events that will happen. Otherwise, I keep my life normal, I don’t change my daily life.

Leaving a Koh Lanta All Stars ?

Really! On the other hand, at the hunger level, I would expect and I would leave with 15 pounds more and finally reach my ideal weight. I will be bigger in the first races but in the end it will be better.

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