a white march for Noémie Régnier killed by a drunk driver in a Pas-de-Calais department

Noémie Régnier, 25, was killed on Friday May 20 with her husky dog ​​in a head-on collision with a motorist with 3.39 grams of alcohol per liter of blood. The man was charged with aggravated manslaughter. A white march is scheduled for Sunday, May 29, in Lebucquière.

The death of Noémie Régnier, 25, this Friday, May 20, caused shock waves in the region. This 25-year-old young woman was hit by a van D930 (Bapaume-Cambrai), near the town of Beugny. His dog, a husky named Laiko, did not live without life.

The driver in front was a 38 -year -old man. He was first transferred by emergency relatives before being arrested and charged with “aggravated manslaughter”. Analyzes revealed that he was a severe alcoholic with 3.39 grams of alcohol per liter of blood.

Touched by the young woman’s death, the town hall of Lebucquière, where she was from, decided to cancel the flea market on Thursday. Noémie’s relatives decided to give her one last tribute by organizing a white march in Lebucquière, this Sunday, May 29 from 9:30 p.m.

The walk was organized at the suggestion of a group of dogs created by Noémieexplained Bruno Hiez, town mayor and friend. I asked for my permission and I gave. It was organized with this group and myself.The march is about to begin “from his house, we would cross the whole village to go to the field, as was his custom“.The procession will pass through the main road of the town to be sure.

It is planned to gather in the cemetery where a rose will be placedcontinued to the mayor. Then, we will gather at the barangay hall, where there will be a notebook of complaints and non -alcoholic beverages. Finally, the dogs will accompany us to the school yard in his memory.

To accompany the walk, members of his canine walking group and their dogs take the lead. A way to give and respect the love Noémie has for them. The horses, animals the young woman loved most, would close the procession.

Everyone was touched, he was known in the villageadded Bruno Heiz. Noémie was very nice, very smiling, like her partner“. Arriving three years ago, the couple gave the impression of always living there.

Noémie is known for her hospitality and her work with dogs. He finished his studies to become a dog trainer. The young woman has, among other projects, co-created a walking group called “Bapaume Balades Canines” to unite with the walking dogs that live in the town and the surrounding area.

But that’s not all. She gives lessons in dressing, agility, caring for dogs in shelters. Many commitments are accepted by many Internet users. You are a courage I have never seen. I always ask you, will you rest?“, wrote a friend in a message posted on social networks.

You are ambitious and you want to succeed in what is important to you. heart “, wrote to another friend. Hundreds of tributes from friends and family members as well as people who don’t know him continue to thrive on social media.

This is the case of an Internet user living in another department. He said to himself “touched by this tragedy“, by himself”animal lover and owner of two huskiess “. The second explains that he could not go to the white march in the beginning but did everything to free himself, because it was a story that touched him”Too many

A petition seeking justice for Noémie and her dog has reached more than 32,000 signatures. A kitten was put online to help the family pay for the funeral.

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